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Thu Oct 4, 2018 20:19

Startled by Jozua's reaction, Lily dropped more than enough of the potion she was holding on the leafy plant in front of her, and the entire thing shrunk - pot and all. She would have written down her observation if Jozua's current situation hadn't been a pressing concern. Panicked, she didn't know what to do, but called out for the professor as well. These were poisonous mixtures, after all. Luckily, Professor Brooding was quick and even gave them a little hint of what to expect as she cleaned him up. Maybe there was some sort of itching potion in it that only reacted to human skin.

Lily grinned at his remark. "And wants to win us over," she whispered back. She imagined someone else like Professor Skies taking off points and making them clean up the mess themselves.

Feeling relieved now that their little fiasco was over, Lily wrote down her observations of each potion whilst Jozua ran off to retrieve more.

Potion #1:
- mixed with colour-changing potion
- potentially polyjuice? smells of fluxweed and wormwood
- contains something harmful(?) to human skin

Potion #2:
- potent wormwood
- shrinking solution mixed in - perhaps incorrectly brewed to be poisonous?

Lily was unsure how to return the plant to its original size. She pointed her wand and said, "Finite," but nothing happened. It was most likely because she was trying to reverse the effects of a potion rather than a spell. Sighing, she lifted the wee pot and examined it to see if the potion had caused any other effects as Jozua returned.

"For what?" she asked immediately, and then remembered what she'd asked him earlier. "Oh." She suddenly felt embarrassed, caught somewhat off-guard. "Yeah, that works. What should we do then?"

  • How about learning to play it cool?Jozua Sparks, Thu Oct 4 08:52
    He hadnít thought to hold his breath. He had, after all, just been sniffing at the potion, but at the professorís instruction, he did so immediately and without question. When covered with an unknown ... more
    • I'm cool. We're cool. Everything's cool. — Lily, Thu Oct 4 20:19
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