Tasha DuBois, Aladren
Of Fairs, Foreign Boys and Family Dysfunction
Tue Oct 9, 2018 05:33

Tasha fairly bounced into Potions. She was super looking forward to midterm and it put her in a pretty good mood.Not that she wasn't normally in one though the whole Juniper-Finn-Gwen thing did put a damper on her spirits a tiny bit. However, Tasha and her parents-Father was taking time off work to go too because it was her school break-were going to Israel over midterm and only dropping by the gathering with Mother's family breifly. In all honesty, it wasn't that bad for Tasha as nobody was ever nasty to her or ignored her and she still got cool presents from everyone.

Well ok, Mrs. Royce tended to look at her as if she was some sort of insect but other than that, everyone was cool to her. Even Aunt Tawny who generally only paid attention to her husband and children and Fletcher who was Step-Grandma's dad and married to Mrs. Royce but much much nicer. Not that that was saying a lot but anyway, because Step-Great-Grandfather was a huge awkward mouthful, he let Tasha call him by his first name. He even bought Tasha and her parents Yule presents despite his wife not wanting him to.

Still, the Aladren-and her mother-preferred to travel to far off locations to times with the family. Because there was still drama and Mother didn't want any part of it.

So they were still going to the locations that had been represented in the international fair that they'd had at Sonora for years ago. Which reminded Tasha that the Midsummer event this year was going to be the fair again. She wondered what they were going to do this time. Hopefully something fun. And hopefully Finn would hang out with Juniper and make up for last year. As for the Aladren, maybe she could hang out with Joe. That would be awfully fun and she would enjoy spending time with the other seventh year. After all, as much she didn't like thinking it, realistically they probably wouldn't see each other after graduation. Tasha would be going places all over the world, eventually probably meeting some foreign guy- not part of the noblesse because she didn't want to be cheated on and anyway, she didn't consider French people foreign when she herself was half-French-and marrying him. Maybe her children could have triple citizenship. America, France, and....wherever her husband was from. That would be super awesome.

Anyway, now she had to go to Potions. Tasha had been conflicted about which classes to take because she wanted to be there for Juniper but at the same time she wanted to take the classes that were most practical. She had chosen the latter and now she only shared Transfig with her cousin. Sometimes, Tasha wondered if she'd made the right choice.

Right now though, she needed to listen to Professor Brooding's lesson so she put all thoughts of her cousin and Israel and foreign guys and fairs and and not seeing Joe anymore and family dysfunction aside. Fortunately, Potions was an extremely interesting class. In fact, Tasha found all classes interesting-which had also made picking classes hard. She was a true Aladren who loved to learn.

She went up to the cauldrons and filled up her five vials. Then she took them back to her seat. Tasha turned to the person next to her. "So what do you think? Does that one look like Shrinking Solution to you? Because I think it is."

  • Identifying Your Opportunities [Advanced: VI, VII]Professor Mary Brooding, Fri Sep 7 02:08
    "The antidote for a blended poison will be equal to more than the sum of the antidotes for each of the separate components." - Golpalott's Third Law Mary was writing Golpalott’s Third Law on the... more
    • Of Fairs, Foreign Boys and Family Dysfunction — Tasha DuBois, Aladren, Tue Oct 9 05:33
    • The missing SparkJozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Thu Sep 13 10:49
      Potions was Jozua’s best class. It wasn’t his favorite - that was DADA, which was a close second place in terms of being his best class. Nor was potions even the one class he had always scored the... more
      • I can substitute.Lily Spencer, Pecari, Sun Sep 16 18:24
        Potions was one class Lily hadn’t planned on taking as an Advanced class, but her course load had been too little this year, so she’d taken it on. It didn’t seem too terrible so far, and they had a... more
        • Jozua sniffed again after Lily gave her assessment. Yes, quite potentially polyjuice in there. That had fluxweed and wormwood and he could just barely detect both by scent in his phial. He wasn’t... more
          • As is learning to breathe.Professor Mary Brooding, Wed Oct 3 23:05
            "Hold your breath, Mr. Sparks," Mary smiled, approaching the student at the sound of breaking glass. At least students wore shoes to class, a benefit to more formal potion-making settings. She waved... more
            • How about learning to play it cool?Jozua Sparks, Thu Oct 4 08:52
              He hadn’t thought to hold his breath. He had, after all, just been sniffing at the potion, but at the professor’s instruction, he did so immediately and without question. When covered with an unknown ... more
              • Startled by Jozua's reaction, Lily dropped more than enough of the potion she was holding on the leafy plant in front of her, and the entire thing shrunk - pot and all. She would have written down... more
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