Teacher's pet (tag Professor Brooding and Ailuros)
Sat Nov 10, 2018 07:58

Dorian was concerned that he was going to get a reputation as a sycophant. In general, he doubted many of the intermediate students outside of his friend circle had strong opinions on him. He stood out, to a degree, due to his obvious foreignness, and that was something he did not object to standing out for because he could not see any alternative - at least, not one that he found acceptable; he could only blend in by stopping speaking his other languages, especially the Chinese which marked him out as far more foreign than French. After all, French was spoken by white people and taught to the children of good families, French which was ‘acceptably foreign’. He thought he could stop speaking Chinese as readily as he could stop breathing oxygen or having a nose though - it was an essential part of life, and of him. Beyond being the weird foreign kid though, he tried to do as little as possible to draw attention to himself or to stand out. He strove for a bland kind of anonymity amongst the older intermediates. However, the amount of times he hung back after Potions, they were probably going to form the opinion that he was either very eager or very stupid. Still, some things were worth the risk, and he couldn’t not stay behind and speak to Professor Brooding after the first class back. He had missed her.

As he approached her desk, he noticed something that had not been visible during class. There was, behind a stack of books, a small heap of fur, the side of which moved gently and evenly with the rhythmical breath of a sleeper.

“Hello,” Dorian addressed Professor Brooding, dropping his voice to a whisper in deference to the sleeping animal - a perhaps unnecessary gesture, as it had just managed to sleep through the entire of intermediate potions. Its head was tucked under its paws and although he could guess from the tiny little pawpads that were visible that it was a kitten, he couldn’t discern much beyond that. “How was Greece?”

Before Professor Brooding could answer though, there was a small chirrup of a mew. Whether it was the presence of someone so close at hand, or whether the creature had merely had its fill of slumber, it was now opening its eyes and peering up at Dorian, whose attention had snapped straight back to it when it spoke.

“Nihao xiao mao,” he smiled, greeting it in Chinese both because it was comforting to speak it to someone who would easily understand it, no matter how fast he talked, and because greeting cats in Chinese was more fun because it rhymed, especially if they were small, or if he could get away with calling them such. Melodie was still his xiao mao and probably always would be, no matter how big she got. He reached out a hand so that, once the kitten had righted itself, it could come and investigate him. As it uncurled further, revealing the large ears and tufted tail, he blinked and revised his statement, “Duibuqi,” he apologised, “Ni bu shi mao, ni shi kneazle ma?” he asked, the English name of the creature coming to mind much more easily. The kitten did not seem to mind having its species mislabelled, and affectionately rubbed against his hand. He petted it with evident delight.

“Ni jiao shennme?” he asked. “What is your name?” he added, translating for the benefit of its owner, who he thought might be better positioned to answer that question, and who he turned his gaze to once again.

OOC - set on day one of classes after the Christmas break

    • Hey, I see what you did there. Professor Mary Brooding, Thu Nov 15 20:34
      Mary smiled as Dorian approached, happy that he hung back to speak. Ailuros had been snoozing on her desk, so she felt reasonably confident he stayed for the teacher, not the kneazle, and his... more
      • And Ailuros sees allDorian, Fri Nov 16 07:17
        “Hello Ailuros,” he repeated carefully, running a finger down her spine. “This is a very interesting name,” he smiled, as she explained it, “Though…. How does cat goddess behave that is different to... more
        • Ain't that the truth? Professor Mary Brooding, Sat Nov 17 23:14
          Mary laughed softly, appreciating Dorian's joke. "That's true, this one's a little self-centered." Ailuros let out a satisfied purr, apparently taking the comment in stride. "I think that's a very... more
          • Parts of it, anywayDorian, Sun Nov 18 03:25
            “Yes, that will be nice,” Dorian smiled, when Professor Brooding suggested introducing Melodie and Ailuros. Both kneazle and owner seemed to approve of his more immediate plans, and he picked up the... more
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