Professor Mary Brooding
Hey, I see what you did there.
Thu Nov 15, 2018 20:34

Mary smiled as Dorian approached, happy that he hung back to speak. Ailuros had been snoozing on her desk, so she felt reasonably confident he stayed for the teacher, not the kneazle, and his surprise at finding her there confirmed it. Mary laughed softly, appreciating the boy's affection for her.

"Yes, she's a Kneazle," Mary replied, providing both the species and the pronoun. "This is Ailuros. It's the Greek name for the goddess of cats," she added, knowing that she was likely (definitely) butchering the Greek pronunciation and that Dorian might not be well-versed on some of the mythology that was so often taught to American students even before they arrived at Sonora. Assuming they had any muggle schooling of course. "She likes you! No surprise there."

Dorian speaking Chinese to Ailuros made Mary's heart swell and she sent a thousand mental owls to Tabitha for such a beautiful Christmas present. Of course, Tabitha wouldn't have explicitly known that this would occur, but still. Ailuros was a gift that gave more gifts by being lovely and Mary felt warm and glowing often these days, so it wasn't hard to be thankful.

"Greece was wonderful," Mary replied in a breathy voice. Technically, she and Tabitha were definitely not engaged at all mostly sort of. Either way, it wasn't appropriate to discuss with students, especially without first discussing it with Tabitha herself.

"It was really lovely. I got to meet some of Tabitha's friends and . . " She stopped mid-sentence, realizing that in her effort to not give away the updated status of her relationship with Tabitha, she had given away the who in the relationship instead. She grimaced. It also meant that she had outed Tabitha. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that . . . but I did have a lovely time. Thank you for asking." She smiled, doing her best to relax in knowing that Dorian was a kind person and likely wouldn't say anything, and also not wanting him to feel bad.

Ailuros huffed at her apology, clearly having opinions on whether or not Tabitha and Mary should be more open about their relationship, and Mary stuck out her tongue at her.

"How was your break? You look healthy and happy, so that's good!"

OOC -- Sorry it took me like 9 years to see this post. :(

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    • Hey, I see what you did there. — Professor Mary Brooding, Thu Nov 15 20:34
      • And Ailuros sees allDorian, Fri Nov 16 07:17
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        • Ain't that the truth? Professor Mary Brooding, Sat Nov 17 23:14
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          • Parts of it, anywayDorian, Sun Nov 18 03:25
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