And Ailuros sees all
Fri Nov 16, 2018 07:17

“Hello Ailuros,” he repeated carefully, running a finger down her spine. “This is a very interesting name,” he smiled, as she explained it, “Though…. How does cat goddess behave that is different to regular cats? They all think this about themselves, no?” he added, a small smile playing across his lips. Dorian could be very witty but was sometimes hesitant about trying his ideas out in English, in case his point didn’t quite translate. “Please spell Ailuros?” he added to Professor Brooding. Once she had done so, he nodded. “This is nice - ‘ài’ means ‘love’ in Chinese.

“I like her also,” he smiled, as Ailuros continued to rub affectionately against his hands, which petted and stroked her small stripy back. “She is tabby? Vlad teaches me this word, because my cat also is this. But Melodie… Has her stripy on grey - Vlad says we can call ‘silver tabby.’ Tabby is just meaning stripes, so Ailuros also is? And I can scoop her?” he added, the question following so eagerly on the heels of the other one that it possibly seemed like they were related concepts. They were not, Dorian was just too eager to have tiny little kitten cuddles.

He was still thinking about this as Professor Brooding mentioned meeting Tabitha’s friends. And he inferred from context that this was the name of her girl friend/girlfriend (he still did not know which) and- and then Professor Brooding was saying sorry to him and that she shouldn’t have said that, and for a second Dorian was thrown because he wasn’t sure what was supposed to be wrong with what she had said.

“That’s-” he began, intending to say ‘that’s ok’ in a rather cautious tone, because that was usually what you said when people were sorry but he was wary enough that he didn’t understand the situation that he wanted to convey that but then his sentence changed as the reason the name ‘Tabitha’ was familiar hit him, “Professor Haw-” and then the reason why Professor Brooding was saying she shouldn’t have said that hit him. This was private. And he just ended with “Oh.”

He still wasn’t quite sure why she had said ‘sorry.’ Unless she just meant it as ‘oops.’ That seemed fairly likely. He was not really sure to deal with this. He wanted to be happy that Professor Brooding was happy, but she seemed to feel like they should not talk about this, and he supposed he understood that, because he was just a student...

“I am glad Greece was nice. You… you want me to pretend that you did not say the other part?” he queried, feeling bad that he had to keep the subject open if she did, indeed, want it unsaid, but still not quite being sure what was expected here. Aiuros seemed annoyed with her, and he remembered kneazles’ tendency to dislike untrustworthiness. He thought that was rather unfair on Ailuros’ part as there was a difference between being untrustworthy and wanting to keep things private. Professor Brooding seemed more than equal to dealing with kneazle’s attitude though, and he relaxed, smiling again slightly, as it was hard to feel like there was any kind of uncomfortable atmosphere when your teacher was sticking their tongue out at a kitten.

Professor Brooding then turned the question of Midterm on him, and he found himself acutely aware of the kneazle and its potential judgement. Not that he planned to answer dishonestly, just… selectively.

“I read a lot with Mama. We enjoy very much reading Lǎozǐ. I am not sure I will explain it better to you, but I think reading it with Mama improves a lot my Chinese. Sometimes, I cannot talk so much about intelligent things, or school things in Chinese, so this is very good practise. And we do the Christmas things like go skating. It is nice.”

  • Hey, I see what you did there. Professor Mary Brooding, Thu Nov 15 20:34
    Mary smiled as Dorian approached, happy that he hung back to speak. Ailuros had been snoozing on her desk, so she felt reasonably confident he stayed for the teacher, not the kneazle, and his... more
    • And Ailuros sees all — Dorian, Fri Nov 16 07:17
      • Ain't that the truth? Professor Mary Brooding, Sat Nov 17 23:14
        Mary laughed softly, appreciating Dorian's joke. "That's true, this one's a little self-centered." Ailuros let out a satisfied purr, apparently taking the comment in stride. "I think that's a very... more
        • Parts of it, anywayDorian, Sun Nov 18 03:25
          “Yes, that will be nice,” Dorian smiled, when Professor Brooding suggested introducing Melodie and Ailuros. Both kneazle and owner seemed to approve of his more immediate plans, and he picked up the... more
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