Professor Mary Brooding
Ain't that the truth?
Sat Nov 17, 2018 23:14

Mary laughed softly, appreciating Dorian's joke. "That's true, this one's a little self-centered." Ailuros let out a satisfied purr, apparently taking the comment in stride. "I think that's a very good fit," she added, appreciating everything that the furball represented.

"Yes, she's a tabby because she's stripey. Sometimes people using the word to mean orange tabby but I think that's just really common. We'll have to see if Ailuros and Melodie become friends!" Ailuros looked interested in this idea and in being scooped, nudging at Dorian when he suggested it and Mary gestured that he could proceed.

When Dorian reacted to her accidental mention of Tabitha, it was a good reminder that everything would be okay. It wasn't like she could hide their relationship forever, nor did she want to, and if the first students to find out were as kind as Dorian Montoir, then it should be okay.

"No, that's alright," Mary replied. "I try not to say too much about my personal life but . . ." But what? She couldn't exactly use but we're friends because even if she did consider their contact to be as much a friendship as a student and professor could have, it seemed like an inappropriate label. "I don't mind too much now," she finished, settling on a different truth. "I know you aren't malicious and people will find out at some point anyway. Professor Hawthorne and I have been dating for a few months."

She wished she could be a proper adult and say things like that without blushing, but at least it was the blush of a happy woman who couldn't help feeling giddy at just how much in love she was, and not because she was embarrassed. "That doesn't need to change anything for you in her classes. We don't talk about students much personally and it's important that students don't ever feel obligated to like either of us just because they like the other." She smiled at Dorian and hoped that her words were comforting, not disconcerting. Her biggest fear was that a student, Dorian or otherwise, would feel betrayed by the notion that their professors were dating. "Just because you tell me something, doesn't mean I tell her. Everyone has the right to their own personal business."

Satisfied that she had said what she needed to say, she listened to Dorian's comments about his own holidays. She wasn't sure she had ever linked Christmas with skating before but he seemed happy about it and that was good. Ailuros seemed distinctly interested in his story but not quite concerned. "That sounds lovely!" she cooed, delighted that he got some time to engage with all the things he loved so much. "And you had a good time? I know going 'home' doesn't always mean going to spend time with family for everyone. I didn't always get along very well with my family. I'm glad you got to enjoy yourself some though."

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    • Ain't that the truth? — Professor Mary Brooding, Sat Nov 17 23:14
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