Dorian Montoir
One minute, I'm on top of the world
Mon Jan 7, 2019 21:11

She was here. And she was pleased to see him too. And everything felt comforting and familiar and safe again.

"You gave her the name of a god," he pointed out with a smile when Professor Brooding accused him of spoiling Ailuros. He wasn't sure whether it had actually been her idea or Professor Hawthorne's but it could be considered the plural 'you' because even if it had been the Defence professor, they still bore collective responsibility. There was no censure in the teacher's voice and he knew she didn't really have a problem with how he treated her pet. And, as he had pointed out, he was merely meeting the expectations that Ailuros' mistresses had set for her.

Dorian's eyebrows quirked inquisitively at the mebtion of news. That sounded excitng, and from the tone of her voice positive (his heart clenched slightly, hoping the news was not that she would be leaving - he trusted her to know well enough how he would feel about that to at least sound sorry rather than excited if that was the case, even if the news was that she had been given the most perfect job in the world). He was more than happy to put aside his own summer, which had had bits of this and bits of that but nothing he was call 'news' and to hear about hers. The next thing she did, however, was pull out a parcel.

"Strange looking news," he commented.

"Thank you," he replied, when ahe revealed it was for him, polite but more puzzled than ever, both of which carried in his voice. He set Ailuros gently down, a fate which she accepted in exchange for "helping" as he began to undo the tantalising ribbons on the parcel.

The garment inside the box was beautiful. And Dorian was just drawing breath to say this when Professor Brooding began to explain. Only, to start with, her explanation left him more confused because why would he need traditional Indian wedding clothes but then-then-

"You're engaged?!" he echoed, almost shouting it in excitement. "Félicitations," he beamed, pulling her into another hug. There followed a volley of further French and Chinese which, whilst likely largely unintelligible, contained discernable words such as 'fantastique' and were reeled off in such an exuberant tone that, between that and the fact that he was bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet and continuing to hug her, could leave Professor Brooding in no doubt as to how he felt about that news. He broke apart from her, still grinning widely.

"Congratulations," he repeated, this time in English. The gift lay not exactly forgotten but definitely put aside in favour of the more important matters of being happy and excited. He had not really had a chance to process everything Professor Brooding had said. If he had thought about it, the dress robes would have seemed an elaborate way of telling him that she was engaged but he was thinking less about that and more about the fact that she was getting married, she was getting married! And that it was perfect and lovely and wonderful, and it meant that dreams came true and people really did get happily ever afters in the real world, and that everything he had ever believed about love was right, even if it wasn't happening to him right now.

"How did- wait, who proposes when..?" he trailed off, his eyes sweeping Professor Brooding's hands in search of a ring.

  • No matter what, you're always above the horizon line. Professor Mary Brooding, Mon Jan 7 09:30
    Mary was a ball of feelings upon her return to Sonora. They were all good feelings, but her office almost seemed surreal now. Having spent the summer enjoying her new engaged life and meeting people... more
    • One minute, I'm on top of the world — Dorian Montoir, Mon Jan 7 21:11
      • And the next you're hugging it.Mary Brooding, Tue Jan 8 21:03
        Mary laughed, surprised by the reaction although she really shouldn't have been. "Oh, you're excited?" she laughed, bouncing and jostling with the hug and the umpiring and the hug and the shouting.... more
        • The next... Dorian, Wed Jan 9 06:49
          This time, Dorian had more of a chance to focus on the request Professor Brooding was making. Walk her down the aisle. He blinked in confusion, not really having heard that part the first time. He... more
          • I think you get to decide. Mary Brooding, Wed Jan 9 22:58
            OOC -- fine by me! XD. IC: Mary considered Dorian with a careful gaze. He was obviously excited, but she wasn't sure whether his reluctance to accept the proposition was due to his uncertainty that... more
            • The next, I'm at rock bottom.Dorian, Fri Jan 11 07:42
              You know that my family passed away when I was young? Honestly, the answer to that was no. He had not known that. He couldn’t remember ever really talking much with Professor Brooding about her... more
              • I had a pet rock once.Mary Brooding, Fri Jan 11 10:41
                Mary grimaced at the realization she had perhaps field to mention her family members' deaths before. It was a morbid topic and not one she preferred to spring on people. Her grief ran deep but it had ... more
                • Over and over, all day longDorian, Fri Jan 11 20:38
                  OOC - oops realised I never specified him sitting down and then suddenly he was. I pictured him more having taken a seat at some logical point, rather than collapsing to the floor in a miserable... more
                  • This too shall pass.Mary Brooding, Sun Jan 13 01:58
                    Mary considered quietly and carefully. She was loathe to frustrate or embarrass Dorian, but he was a rational boy and she doubted that comfort would help him any. She couldn't use Tabitha as a... more
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