Mary Brooding
And the next you're hugging it.
Tue Jan 8, 2019 21:03

Mary laughed, surprised by the reaction although she really shouldn't have been. "Oh, you're excited?" she laughed, bouncing and jostling with the hug and the umpiring and the hug and the shouting.

Dorian really was such a sweet boy and seeing him be so excited for her, particularly when he'd previously seemed a little uncertain of the idea that she was with a woman, was moving. Mary found herself wiping her cheeks to dry the happy tears. This was what her brother should've been doing, her mother should've been doing, her father should've been doing. To have Dorian instead was a beautiful turn of whatever cosmic powers apparently loved Mary quite a bit and she couldn't help feeling a bit overwhelmed by the goodness of it all.

"Thank you," she murmured, trying not to make him uncomfortable. "You're so sweet," she laughed. "Does that mean you'll walk me down the aisle? You don't have to if you don't want to, I'd like you to come either way. But only if you want."

His question about the process of proposing was so sweet and innocent and Mary laughed. It felt nice and she was glad that a summer off hadn't ruined her relationship with at least this one of her students. She'd always appreciated Dorian's ability to separate Professor Brooding from Mary, and this was a happiness that was for them both. It was easy to be Mary when Tabitha wasn't the only person in the world who got to see a piece of it, even if Tabitha got much more than anyone else.

"I think you can do it either way, whether it's two women or two men or a man and a woman, or something else," Mary said, considering it. "I proposed first, but we wanted to think about it some more. Tabitha proposed again when we'd thought about it," she said. Her eyes glazed thinking of it, happy memories filling her vision. Then she refocused on the boy in front of her and she pulled out the locket that had been tucked into her dress front. "Tabitha gave me this," she explained. "She knew I would have to keep taking a ring off for potions and she's ever the practical one," she laughed.

With a dazed smile, Mary gestured to the more comfortable seats near the window. "Now," she said, taking one of them and waving her wand for some lemonade glasses and lemonade. "Tell me about your summer!"

  • One minute, I'm on top of the worldDorian Montoir, Mon Jan 7 21:11
    She was here. And she was pleased to see him too. And everything felt comforting and familiar and safe again. "You gave her the name of a god," he pointed out with a smile when Professor Brooding... more
    • And the next you're hugging it. — Mary Brooding, Tue Jan 8 21:03
      • The next... Dorian, Wed Jan 9 06:49
        This time, Dorian had more of a chance to focus on the request Professor Brooding was making. Walk her down the aisle. He blinked in confusion, not really having heard that part the first time. He... more
        • I think you get to decide. Mary Brooding, Wed Jan 9 22:58
          OOC -- fine by me! XD. IC: Mary considered Dorian with a careful gaze. He was obviously excited, but she wasn't sure whether his reluctance to accept the proposition was due to his uncertainty that... more
          • The next, I'm at rock bottom.Dorian, Fri Jan 11 07:42
            You know that my family passed away when I was young? Honestly, the answer to that was no. He had not known that. He couldn’t remember ever really talking much with Professor Brooding about her... more
            • I had a pet rock once.Mary Brooding, Fri Jan 11 10:41
              Mary grimaced at the realization she had perhaps field to mention her family members' deaths before. It was a morbid topic and not one she preferred to spring on people. Her grief ran deep but it had ... more
              • Over and over, all day longDorian, Fri Jan 11 20:38
                OOC - oops realised I never specified him sitting down and then suddenly he was. I pictured him more having taken a seat at some logical point, rather than collapsing to the floor in a miserable... more
                • This too shall pass.Mary Brooding, Sun Jan 13 01:58
                  Mary considered quietly and carefully. She was loathe to frustrate or embarrass Dorian, but he was a rational boy and she doubted that comfort would help him any. She couldn't use Tabitha as a... more
                  • “Can she do that?” he asked, in a frightened voice when Professor Brooding talked about the risk of Professor Skies firing her for marrying Professor Hawthorne. He knew people could be mean but there ... more
                    • Undo! Backup! Reverse! Abort!Mary Brooding, Mon Jan 14 17:45
                      Mary grimaced, realizing with a big lump of dread that she shouldn't have used the example that she did. This wasn't exactly the time to admit that yes, sometimes people of non-normative sexual... more
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