Mary Brooding
This too shall pass.
Sun Jan 13, 2019 01:58

Mary considered quietly and carefully. She was loathe to frustrate or embarrass Dorian, but he was a rational boy and she doubted that comfort would help him any. She couldn't use Tabitha as a perfect parallel since she obviously liked Mary back, but the idea was similar.

"If we tell Deputy Headmistress Skies that we are getting married, that I am marrying a woman," she clarified with a pointed raise of her eyebrow. "And I lose my job, is that because I am bad? Or if we tell the other professors and none of them talk to us? Or if I announce our engagement in class and students leave the room or refuse to take class with me?" She let Dorian ponder her questions for a moment. "Would you tell me it's my fault? Or that those people were not very nice?"

She found herself making small circles on Dorian's back, providing a distant comfort. "You are right. If you love somebody, then it is right to love them, so long as you are not hurting them." This wasn't the right conversation to bring up stalking, but she didn't want to just leave it at love always being okay. Not that stalking was love, but being a teenager was confusing so the thought came out of her mouth. "If you tell Jehan how you feel, and he doesn't want to be your friend anymore, then he is not worth being your friend and he is rejecting a very beautiful gift. If he doesn't love you the same way that you love him, he can still love you very much. If your other friends don't like you, then they are not really good friends, right?"

Mary took a steadying breath, feeling very unfit for this conversation. How could she possibly help when everything Dorian was feeling was exactly what she had felt, and sometimes still did? How could she make the world a better place for him? She supposed that was exactly it.

"I wish that I could make everything in the world better, and I wish I had any words to make everything easier," she murmured, her voice small. There were tears leaking out of her heart and into her throat, and her voice caught there. "You will not be taken out of Sonora and you will not be alone. I promise that because those are things that I can make sure of myself. You are not ever going to be alone or unloved. And I don't think your friends or Jehan will stop caring about you Either," she added with a small smile. "It is not crazy to worry, but I also do not think these things will happen. You're never crazy for feeling things, just like you're not crazy if you don't like spiders or something. You have spent a lot of time feeling different, and I know that makes this even harder for you." She searched his face, hoping to identify his emotions as she spoke. "I'm different just like you," she added. "And Tabitha's different in some of the ways that we are. And there are other students who are different like you too. I like to think that I'm doing pretty okay," she said with a chuckle and a wink. "You are going to do okay too."

Somehow, the world felt very large all of a sudden. It was no longer just the office here, but the whole realm of possibilities. Ailuros must have felt it too because she approached then and provided Dorian's face with a loving lick.

"Do you have any questions or anything I can do to help you think about things that are happening?" Mary asked.

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    OOC - oops realised I never specified him sitting down and then suddenly he was. I pictured him more having taken a seat at some logical point, rather than collapsing to the floor in a miserable... more
    • This too shall pass. — Mary Brooding, Sun Jan 13 01:58
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          Mary grimaced, realizing with a big lump of dread that she shouldn't have used the example that she did. This wasn't exactly the time to admit that yes, sometimes people of non-normative sexual... more
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            "Ok," Dorian nodded, when Professor Brooding assured him that he wasn't about to be kicked out. "And are any of those other things going to happen? To you?" he asked, noticing that she had only... more
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              Mary allowed her shoulders to relax, surprised by how much tension they'd in carrying through this conversation. She was certain that she was projecting, or possibly just confronting some of her old... more
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                Nothing bad was going to happen to Professor Brooding. That was one less thing to worry about. Well… that was one thing to worry less about. He wasn’t sure he could stop worrying altogether. He... more
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