Professor Skies
Beginners Lesson I
Thu Sep 6, 2012 18:39

It felt good to be back in a proper school. Not so good that she wouldn't go home most nights but she definitely preferred it to private tutoring. Most tutees were from rich families who thought of her as a governess – an image she loathed for the matronly Victorian air of the word, as much as the implied inferiority. There were bound to be a few pupils of that type here but here she was in charge. If they backchatted or put down any of the other bloodtypes, she could do her best to bring them into line. That was less of an option when said little brat's parents paid your wages directly. Now that both of her daughters were away at boarding school, it made sense for her to come back to working a proper job. It had been advertised as subbing but there was a chance of taking it permanently, assuming that both she and the school liked each other well enough.

“Good morning,” she greeted the assembled first and second years. “I am Professor Skies and I will be taking you for Transfiguration this term. We will be focussing on non-animate to non-animate Transfigurations– that is objects into other objects as this is the simplest branch of Transfiguration. That said, it can still be very difficult, and you must not get disheartened if you do not get big results immediately,” she felt that it was easy for her subject to slip down students' lists as they enjoyed the big flashy results of beginner Charms. Even making mistakes in other subjects tended to have dramatic consequences, whereas in Tranfiguration you just tended to not fully achieve what you had wanted. “Today will be pebbles into buttons,” she informed them, “Take one and pass it on,” she instructed, handing a box of pebbles to the student on the end of the front row, Each was smooth and shiny and relatively flat, although they varied a little in size and colour.

“I also have a handout for you. It is a template for a Transfiguration Table. I would like all of the first years to take one. Second years, I would prefer you to try to do your table from scratch but if you are unfamiliar with this teaching method, please help yourself to a handout, although there are plenty of notes to help you in the textbook,” the sheet that was being passed around was a simple table of common object characteristics, such as size, shape and function with an empty box next to each one. “The table is designed to help you focus on the similarities and differences between your current object and the target object. This is a process that you will learn to internalise as you become more experienced but it is helpful to actively work through it when the subject is new to you. Every two objects, however different they seem, have something in common. Even if it's the tiniest little thing it is useful for you. Changing everything about an object is a monumental task and usually one that it's difficult to wrap your head around. By focussing only on those things which you need to change, you can channel your energy more effectively, and hopefully make bigger changes where they are needed.

“When you are ready to move onto the spell, the incantation is Pangolus and you will want to make a single circle with your wand,” the chalk behind her scribbled key pieces of information onto the board as she spoke, “For those of you who are righthanded, the circle should be clockwise. For those of you who are left handed, a counter-clockwise circle also works on this spell. It is generally less effective but it is likely to be more effective if it feels more comfortable or natural for you.

“If you are stuck, chapter 2 of the textbook has a section on writing Transfiguration Tables, whilst chapter 3 introduces inanimate transfigurations. You may also discuss your problems quietly with your neighbours, or call on me if you require any assistance. You may begin.” Selina hoped to enjoy at least a good few minutes of nothing more than quills scratching on parchment before the casting began. Transfiguration was usually a safe profession. It was very difficult to produce results and therefore definitely difficult to overdo things. Of course, that didn't prevent utterly unrelated catastrophes but she definitely felt she sent students to the hospital wing less often than her Charms colleagues, and far, far less often than those in Defence.

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    • Starting off a little cleanerMcKinley Andrews, Crotalus, Thu Sep 27 01:53
      McKinley wasn’t thrilled with classes thus far, nothing in her little mind would deny that fact. Things were dirty and unlady-like and that was not alright for her. Grandfather will know about all of ... more
    • This will work, this will work, this will work....Henry Carey, Crotalus, Sun Sep 23 19:38
      Somehow, wherever Henry looked, he found himself looking a wand. He had not arrived to class early or late, and yet it seemed as though the room was completely full and that every single person in it ... more
    • You wanted buttons, right?Clara Abernathy, Pecari, Sat Sep 22 16:11
      After seeing Medic Bailey in the Hospital Wing earlier that morning due to yet another wonderful lesson in gravity from her broomstick, Clara headed towards her next class which she hoped would pan... more
      • That's what she saidAnnabelle Pierce, Pecari, Sat Sep 22 21:12
        Annabelle arrived at the Transfiguration classroom with her twin sister. Unfortunately, they were two of the last people to sneak in just below class began and the seating options remaining were... more
        • I know....sigh...oh wellClara Abernathy, Sun Sep 23 17:31
          Clara heard the voice speak near her and turned away from the boy with the spider. She turned in her seat to see who the voice belonged to and was delightedly surprised to see that the voice belonged ... more
          • Here we go againAnnabelle Pierce, Sun Oct 7 13:29
            Annabelle frowned a little as Clara suggested that her actions were fine but her concentration was lacking. This really wasn't fair. She apparently had a psychological flying impediment that she... more
            • Don't give upClara Abernathy, Sun Oct 7 15:04
              Clara smiled reassuringly at Annabelle. She could see the frustration on the girl's face as she stared at her pebble. Clara could remember the first time she had tried a Transfig spell. It had gone... more
    • I didn't think pebbles could do that!Carter Browning, Teppenpaw, Sat Sep 22 13:38
      Carter walked slowly to what would essentially be his second class for the day having gone to flying class earlier that morning. He had enjoyed that class despite the mishap one of his fellow... more
      • Become buttons? Of course they can.Carrie O'Malley, Crotalus, Wed Sep 26 17:38
        Carrie didn't really mind that her aunt was no longer teaching Transfiguration. Good pureblood women were not supposed to work and while she had expected to get special treatment in Aunt Lilac's... more
        • First impressions are not your strong suit...are they?Carter Browning, Teppenpaw, Wed Sep 26 21:19
          "Could you please conduct yourself with a little bit more decorum?" Carrie snapped at the inconsiderate first year. "It just shows a complete lack of breeding on your part and that is not something... more
          • They certainly aren't yours.Carrie, Sun Sep 30 23:06
            "Well, nobody else around here is yelling across the room." Carrie replied. Was he stupid or something? Who else could she possibly be talking to? He was probably a mudblood and a good deal with... more
            • We seem to have that in commonCarter, Mon Oct 1 23:36
              "I am Carrie O'Malley of the Colorado O'Malleys." the girl sitting next to him finally got around to introducing herself. “See, was that really soo hard?” he asked Miss O‘Malley pleasantly. Carrie... more
    • Without effort. (Wotw)Amity Brockert, Aladren, Fri Sep 21 00:16
      Despite the fact that her aunt was no longer the professor, Amity had been looking forward to Transfiguration. It was the one class that she expected to be good at without too much effort. The easier ... more
      • Effort, but no effectAnnette Pierce, Pecari, Fri Sep 21 10:35
        Annette entered the transfiguration classroom with her twin sister, but their arrival had been late enough that they couldn't find two empty seats together. They consulted briefly, then split up.... more
        • She noted then, that the girl next to her was one of the Pierce twins though Amity couldn't have been sure which was which. However, this one responded by introducing herself as Annette-which meant... more
    • The easy buttonLiam Ammon, Pecari, Thu Sep 13 11:27
      Transfiguration was not Liam's forte. This wasn't for lack of trying either; he just didn't have the intense focus it required to force the physical characteristics from one object onto another. Last ... more
      • And the hard pebbleMelanie Lennox, Teppenpaw, Sun Sep 16 02:25
        One of Melanie's best subjects was Transfiguration. She wasn't just good at the spell casting but all the written work too. As a matter of fact, the Teppenpaw was two years ahead in terms of most of... more
        • It can't be that hard, right?Liam, Wed Sep 19 20:42
          Liam was a little surprised that Melanie knew his name. He’d learned last year that when someone introduced themselves as being a member of a family from a certain city, that it usually meant they... more
          • Right!Melanie, Sun Sep 23 16:30
            The second year looked over at her classmate's button/pebble. (Bepple? Putton?) Liam seemed a bit disappointed in his progress so far. "It's not bad." Melanie reassured her classmate.... more
            • Try, try againLiam, Mon Sep 24 00:37
              Liam was grateful that Melanie was so supportive of his efforts. He half expected her to scoff at what he had managed to achieve with his spell, but she didn’t. He was used to that sort of thing from ... more
              • And againMelanie, Fri Sep 28 16:41
                The Teppenpaw gave her classmate an encouraging smile. "There's nothing to be afraid of. Others don't do well in this subject either, it's considered one of the hardest." Not for her, but then,... more
                • Once more, with feeling!Liam, Sun Oct 7 17:29
                  Liam's breath caught in his chest when Melanie mentioned animate object transfiguration. He definitely wasn't ready for that. The thought of all of the horribly deformed half transfigured creatures... more
    • My first frown (if only for a moment)Marcus Crosby, Teppenpaw, Sat Sep 8 15:58
      “Hi, Aun-…” Marcus started to say, his typical cheerfulness bubbling out before his mind could think. This was Aunt Lilac’s class, and he always liked to say hello to her. Sometimes he forgot to call ... more
      • No frowns!Lucrezia Renaldi, Crotalus, Sat Sep 8 21:14
        Lucrezia had arrived back at Sonora with a new bounce to her step. The little Italian was excited to be back to school. In a rather weird of events, she actually liked learning and seeing her friends ... more
    • Some are more beginner than others...Effie Arbon, Fri Sep 7 13:38
      Transfiguration took a close second place to Charms in Effie’s list of priorities. It was proper magic, had a decent number of applications in her life and was one of the subjects that had received... more
      • Some always areAlan Raines, Teppenpaw, Wed Sep 26 23:43
        Transfiguration was a subject Alan had been looking forward to for what felt like ages, now. It was supposed to be both the most difficult and most dangerous branch of magic, something that most... more
        • Usually the same ones every class...Effie Arbon, Thu Sep 27 13:30
          “Thank you, but I fear I still have a long way to go. Yours is coming on beautifully,” Effie smiled, as her neighbour complimented her work. It was reflexive. It had been drilled into her. When one... more
          • That's probably true, tooAlan, Sat Sep 29 22:47
            Effie Arbon. Isabel had mentioned a roommate named Effie, he thought, when they had caught up and compared notes after Potions, but he hadn’t put a face to the name before now. Now, he had one. Alan... more
            • The face which Alan now had to match to the name of Effie was not likely to be forgotten quickly. It was not an unpleasant face by any means, particularly if one was fond of eyes, which were the... more
              • “That’s good,” Alan said when Miss Arbon declared her roommates mostly satisfactory. “One of my roommates is not from this country, and his family seems to be…structured very strangely, but I believe ... more
                • It's all politics. Effie Arbon, Sun Oct 7 12:29
                  “One of those with whom I share is also from abroad. Miss Alexandra D'Alessandro comes from Europe, although she has cousins in this country – the Duprees,” Effie commented when Alan stated that one... more
    • Pebbles, Buttons; What's the Difference?Rupert Princeton, Pecari, Fri Sep 7 12:25
      Another wonderful class where intense magic was used. Transfiguration. This was just another class for Rupert to learn to control his magic and to add to his ‘reasons why I dislike school’ list. He... more
      • One holds our clothes on.Lucian D'Alesandro, Aladren, Sat Sep 8 00:22
        Lucian didn’t mind Transfiguration. It wasn’t his favorite class, but it wasn’t boring either. In fact, he didn’t really find any of his classes to be boring. Learning was always a top priority for... more
        • And the other?Rupert, Sat Sep 8 13:17
          Rupert was glad his partner was a boy. Lately, he had been surrounded by females. In fact, most of the Pecaris in his year were witches and, as much as he liked girls, sometimes it was a bit... more
          • Hmm. For skipping across a lake?Lucian, Mon Sep 10 00:42
            Lucian picked up his wand again with more determination and concentration. He squinted at the pebble with his green eyes as if sizing it up. “Alright,” he started, “Let’s try this again. Pangolus!”... more
            • Throwing them? Piling them? Carrying them?Rupert, Sat Sep 15 14:01
              Rupert's partner was quite adept at this spell, if his second try at it was of any indication. Or perhaps no one was as terrible at Transfiguration at Rup. He nodded. Rup wasn't sure if it would... more
              • Sending them sailing across the room?Lucian, Tue Sep 25 23:09
                “There you go.” Lucian said smiling as Rup managed to make indentations in his pebble. “Practice makes perfect. It took me a long time to be able to do much of anything in this class. Luckily I am... more
                • Not hitting people with them?Rupert, Mon Oct 1 12:55
                  Rupert wasn't sure if vicious pure-blooded girls were just attracted to Lucian's character or if Rup was just lucky. He hadn't met too many pure-blooded girls in his short lifetime besides his... more
    • Let's be partners!Wendy Canterbury - Pecari, Thu Sep 6 22:43
      Wendy had heard a lot about transfiguration from Waverly and wasn’t sure if she would do as well as her older sister. Her sister’s favorite teacher was the Transfiguration professor, or at least had... more
      • If you insist. Alexandra D'Alesandro, Fri Sep 7 00:09
        Alexandra did not have the most pleasant experiences in her classes thus far, and was looking forward to the relative calmness of her Transfiguration class. Even though she had a rough first day in... more
        • Wendy's desk partner's comment was definitely true for her too. "It's always easier to tell the differences than similarities," she agreed. Especially because they were comparing a pebble and a... more
          • Alex listened to the girl ramble on about clothing with buttons that were actually pebbles and wondered how she kept meeting these people who got excited and amused about such simple things. She just ... more
            • When Wendy's partner mentioned her cat, her voice went up a couple octaves. "Aww! That's so cute! Penelope sounds like a royal name. Eee, I love cats! They're just so cute and cuddly." Wendy's... more
              • And probably quite boring. Alex, Tue Sep 18 23:56
                Alex watched as Wendy practically squealed at the mention of a cat, and smiled at the mention of horses. “Really?” Alex began, “I used to ride horses all the time. When we lived in France I would... more
                • Can you imagine games with a button?Wendy, Thu Sep 27 18:32
                  "That's so cool!" was the first thing out of Wendy's mouth when she heard that Alex had lived in France and had ridden horses a lot. "I wish I could own a horse ranch or something," she sighed... more
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