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Professor Skies
Advanced class - bring it back
Sun Oct 16, 2016 00:23

“Hello,” Selina greeted the advanced class. They were a few lessons into the term and had already gone through all the practical things, like the syllabus for the term, and now it was time to get on with the real hard work of advanced transfiguration.

“Today, we will be working on part-whole transfiguration. This is a branch of the subject concerned with recreating whole objects from a small piece, such as a shoe from its buckle, or a cardigan from a button. As it is in this class, it will come as no surprise that it is very difficult. However, there are some positives about this type of work.” Every spell had been invented for a reason. Every bit of magic worked because someone had worked out what little foothold they could find to make it work. Selina had always taught her students to look for these little ways in. “For homework, you will be writing about what makes this type of magic possible - what is working for you, rather than against you when casting this spell. You may discuss this whilst you work or after you finish.

“The spell for this type of transfiguration is ‘Renovo’ plus the name of the object you’re trying to recreate. You will need to use an upward spiralling wand motion.

“Please take an object from the box as it comes around. You are then free to begin. If you have any questions, work through them with a neighbour, or ask me.”

OOC - sorry that class is late and short. I have a lot of demands on my time right now. Please show me up by writing responses that are infinitely more creative and detailed, and you shall be rewarded with points.

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