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Lauren Song - Teppenpaw
You lost me
Tue Apr 18, 2017 16:35

The idea of making things vanish sounded exciting, exciting enough to make her brighten up just a little. Transfiguration was her favorite class, but it was also the hardest. She just could not understand the theories sometimes and especially didn't understand the arguments that often went back and forth. She just liked the spells and techniques in Transfig and hoped it helped her somewhere in the future.

Yes, she was sixteen and had no idea where she wanted to go or what she wanted to do. She was going to be graduating in just two years and couldn't decide what she wanted to do. The future aside, she hadn't even made out with anyone on the Quidditch pitch at the dead of night or snuck out past curfew for a snack.

As soon as Prof. Skies introduced the new topic, she soon brought up the catch: theory. Lauren rested her forehead against the desk and groaned. It was going to be a long Monday. She couldn't wait to go back to her room and chill with her roommates at the end of today. She really loved their annual room-decorating catch-up sessions at the beginning of the school year, but class was getting harder to put up with especially as the lessons got more and more into theory.

Just deal with it, Lauren, you'll be okay. You love Transfiguration, remember?' Lauren lifted her head and rolled her neck around once before widening her eyes to pay attention. Seeing difficult bouts of magic here and there weren't as exciting as it had been for her as a younger student. Now it was normal and soon Lauren would be of age and be able to do it on her own too.

Lauren tried hard to pay attention to whatever Professor Skies was saying about theory, but soon it was going in through one ear and out through the other. To her it sounded like a foreign language. Lauren hated feeling dumb, but it took her a long time these days to really understand what her professors were talking about. She hated all this theory stuff, but it seemed like all the professors loved dumping this kind of information onto their advanced classes. Maybe it had been a mistake to take so many.

Professor Skies was still talking, but Lauren's mind wandered to starting a fire in the middle of the class and disturbing everyone. If she could do non-verbal spells and secretly light someone's quill on fire that would be so terrible of her, but at the same time so unlike her. Lauren smiled to herself, imagining jumping onto the table and screaming at the top of her lungs just for the heck of it. She imagined herself all grown up being in Professor Skies's position as a professor. Lauren couldn't imagine teaching a bunch of students like herself that didn't really want to listen to what she was talking about. She felt a little sorry for Professor Skies then, and tuned back in just to nod and smile as a supportive student.

Always the supporter, that Lauren Song; always reliable and so responsible.

The box of snails came to her for the practical lesson and Lauren picked one up with two fingers, wrinkling her nose at it. "So I didn't really get what Professor Skies was saying about the theory, honestly," she said to her neighbor. "I got 'everything that can be conjured must exist somewhere,' and, 'vanished objects must go somewhere,' but other than that she lost me." Lauren pointed her wand at the gloomy-colored snail. "Evanesco." Unsurprisingly, nothing really happened. "Do you think knowing these theories actually helps us in our practical work?"

  • Advanced class - where's it gone?Professor Skies, Sat Mar 25 06:44
    “Good afternoon,” Selina greeted the advanced class. “Welcome back, and thank you for choosing to continue studying Transifugration. We’ve got a tricky road ahead to RATS level, but I hope you’ll... more
    • You lost me — Lauren Song - Teppenpaw, Tue Apr 18 16:35
      • Possibly making it worse. Sorry.Owen Brockert, Teppenpaw, Thu Apr 20 12:37
        It felt weird for Owen, being in Advanced classes. He felt like a chapter in his life was coming to a close, and it felt kind of sad to him. Like when he finished a story that he wrote. He was always ... more
        • No hard feelings hereLauren Song, Thu Apr 20 16:49
          Lauren nodded in agreement with Owen's words. She understood the theories behind conjuring for the most part, and in comparing the two it didn't seem that different. "Yeah, it does," she replied. It... more
          • Good :)Owen, Mon Apr 24 13:45
            Owen nodded. He personally was inspired by the whole dimensional aspect but not everyone thought like him. "Honestly, the idea is a bit scary if you think about it. I mean, if you're really powerful, ... more
    • You tell me.John Umland, Aladren, Mon Mar 27 20:45
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