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Owen Brockert, Teppenpaw
Possibly making it worse. Sorry.
Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:37

It felt weird for Owen, being in Advanced classes. He felt like a chapter in his life was coming to a close, and it felt kind of sad to him. Like when he finished a story that he wrote. He was always sad to see that part of his characters' lives end, even though he was just going to write another one. It was part of the reason his stories were a series. He'd created the world of Cookies and Cream and their friends and enemy and now he was rather attached.

Of course, there would be positive things about getting through Advanced classes and graduating. Like, Owen would be able to-probably, hopefully-marry Jemima. And he could write books and she'd illustrate them, just like now, only they could get published then and he could hopefully share his writing with kids everywhere. Plus, maybe they could even travel and go to Brazil for real.

And on a more immediate note, he didn't have to take Defense anymore. No more being forced to hurt people or worry about them hurting him. No more potentially looking inferior to the guys in his class and feeling inadequate. Wimpy. Weak. Pathetic. Like he wasn't good enough for Jemima-or rather that her family would think he wasn't.

At least now Owen was in Transfiguration, a class that rather made him feel the opposite of those things. He was actually pretty good at it though he certainly didn't think himself anything special. Not that he was normally full of self-loathing-aside from of course when it came to things that were related to anything physical-it was just that he wasn't one to act like he was better than others. Owen didn't even act that way about writing and to his knowledge, there weren't even any other writers in school.

He listened to what Professor Skies was saying. He rather liked the idea of another dimension where vanished things went. It appealed to the sixth year's imagination. Maybe in his next story one of Cookies and Cream's friends could get sent to another dimension by Lord Cockroach and they had to rescue them! Or one of them could themselves and the other had to use their wits and the help of the other characters to rescue the other. That would be cool, especially because then Owen would get to talk about what was in that dimension.

He wanted to get to work on this now. That was the thing with classes sometimes, it wasn't as if the Teppenpaw disliked them in general, it was just...sometimes he was just inspired to write and that's where his mind was. Of course, usually it was on Jemima rather than class anyway but he still tried to pay attention.

Owen got a snail and started to go about sending it to another dimension when Lauren spoke up next to him. "Well, I mean, I think she was talking about like you have to know what something looks like to be able to bring it back after sending it away. I think most of it sounded more like conjuring rather than vanishing. If that makes sense." Owen added. He was trying to be a little more interested in academics so he could talk intelligently with Jemima's family since he couldn't do the athletic stuff. He still massively preferred creative endeavors though. Academic theories could be very dry.

He went on. "But, no. I mean, in this class especially, I feel like it's about like visualizing something being there or being gone. Or like, in the past when it was one thing into another and she gave more credit for patterns, it was more about being creative and picturing said pattern. "

Owen pointed his wand at the snail. " Evanesco " The snail's shell vanished as did one of it's antennas. "Right now, there's a shell and an antenna in another dimension. I wonder if the latter is just floating in midair." He turned to Lauren. "What do you think vanishing space looks like? Is it just a bunch of animal bits and another partial transfigurations as well as the completed ones? Or like what if someone sends a predator animal and something it eats? Would the predator eat it's prey? I mean, you can't bring that animal back if it's eaten."

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    • Possibly making it worse. Sorry. — Owen Brockert, Teppenpaw, Thu Apr 20 12:37
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