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Lauren Song
No hard feelings here
Thu Apr 20, 2017 16:49

Lauren nodded in agreement with Owen's words. She understood the theories behind conjuring for the most part, and in comparing the two it didn't seem that different. "Yeah, it does," she replied. It was simpler when Owen said it, and much less verbose than Professor Skies's explanation. Yes, she definitely preferred practical lessons more. Her RATS exams were going to be pretty tough next year.

"Yeah, right, like transfiguring rocks into pillow or birds into teacups. I think it's this whole talk about dimensions that throws me off." Owen was much better in his attempt and Lauren nodded approvingly. His imagination made her smile as she pictured what he described. "I can't imagine there being a whole other world of blank space just for these vanished objects. I used to wonder if animals felt pain when they were caught in mid-transfiguration, but now I wonder if they know they're in between dimensions."

She paused thoughtfully. "There would have to be some kind of way to keep predators from eating prey in this other space. They're all probably too disoriented to even think about eating each other." She chuckled at the thought. "Probably not a theory that would impress Professor Skies though."

It was a little lonely sometimes knowing both of her best friends had another "best friend" in the male sex while hers was just her brother Isaac, but at the same time Lauren liked being the supportive friend, especially in Ginger's case. She didn't have any hard feelings towards any of the boys, but she'd never really made an effort to get to know any of them either. Lauren remembered thinking Owen was pretty cute before he and Jemima had started dating. Now she just saw him as "Jemima's boyfriend," but that gave more of a reason to get to know him better since her roommate liked him so much.

"Evanesco." This time her snail's shell disappeared and the poor thing looked naked and even more disgusting. "Hope it's not too cold without its home, wherever that may be now," she said sympathetically. "Um, do you remember how to bring it back?"

  • Possibly making it worse. Sorry.Owen Brockert, Teppenpaw, Thu Apr 20 12:37
    It felt weird for Owen, being in Advanced classes. He felt like a chapter in his life was coming to a close, and it felt kind of sad to him. Like when he finished a story that he wrote. He was always ... more
    • No hard feelings here — Lauren Song, Thu Apr 20 16:49
      • Good :)Owen, Mon Apr 24 13:45
        Owen nodded. He personally was inspired by the whole dimensional aspect but not everyone thought like him. "Honestly, the idea is a bit scary if you think about it. I mean, if you're really powerful, ... more
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