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Good :)
Mon Apr 24, 2017 13:45

Owen nodded. He personally was inspired by the whole dimensional aspect but not everyone thought like him. "Honestly, the idea is a bit scary if you think about it. I mean, if you're really powerful, someday you could possibly vanish a person Which means a really powerful person could vanish you " What an awful thought. If someone didn't like him, they could send him away.

Fortunately, he couldn't think of anyone who would do that to him off the top of his head. Owen had initially worried that Andrew would be mad at him for waking up in the morning wheezing and disturbing the other boy's sleep but Andrew seemed to be pretty patient with him. As for Theodore, well, Owen just didn't think he'd go that far. Plus, Jemima made it sound like her brother had no issue with him. Which given he'd cornered Owen about standing in the way of Jemima's dreams-something very confusing as that was one of the last things the Teppenpaw wanted, he very much wanted her to be an artist, her creativity was one of the things he loved about her in the first place-Owen was less than sure about. Maybe that was the problem and not his lack of athleticism. Unless Theodore assumed that as a non-Quidditch player, the sixth year was some how less worthy and more likely to stand in Jemima's way.

Anyway, the thought of being Vanished was dreadful. Especially if he went there incomplete like both of their snails had. What if like, his internal organs got separated from the rest of him? Owen would literally die. "Maybe like, there's something in that dimension that prevents mortality? Like it's a rule there. Except that well, if that was the case, some people who want to be immortal would try to get sent there to live permanently and that just doesn't work. From what I understand, people go to great lengths to do so at times, but then maybe they want to be in this dimension and be immortal. "

"Good job" Owen complimented Lauren on her progress and continued."Um, I think it's the Conjuring spell." Which was a shame, as that was harder to do. Once you got rid of something, it was hard to bring it back. Owen guessed you had to really want something gone or have both spells mastered first. "I suppose you could wait for it to wear off. I mean, sometimes when you do spells and stuff, they don't last." He tried again. " Evanesco " This time the rest of his snail vanished.

  • No hard feelings hereLauren Song, Thu Apr 20 16:49
    Lauren nodded in agreement with Owen's words. She understood the theories behind conjuring for the most part, and in comparing the two it didn't seem that different. "Yeah, it does," she replied. It... more
    • Good :) — Owen, Mon Apr 24 13:45
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