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Professor Skies
Advanced class - take a walk on the wild side
Fri Jun 2, 2017 23:43

“Good afternoon,” Professor Skies greeted the advanced class. She had given out the syllabus at the start of the term, as well as reminding them last week that this class was coming up. She imagined that some of them were excited about what they were due to study today, and others were dreading it - although, she had made it clear that the practical would be optional. The subject of human transfiguration was only ever included as an essay question, usually surrounding ethics, or the training process to be an animagus, but Selina knew there were many students who were curious to give the practical element a go too. There were also numerous career paths where it was a handy skill, for example in concealment and disguise, which was necessary in being an Auror. And, for all students, it was a test of their abilities, a chance to stretch themselves.

“As we discussed last week, today’s lesson will be the optional practical on human transfiguration. If you do not wish to take part, you may continue working on your essays.” The essays, on the ethics of human transfiguration and the laws in place surrounding it, were due the following Friday.

“For those who do want to try, I would recommend starting with fingernails, which can be turned into talons using the incantation Verto Unguem. Fingernails are easy to get a good line of sight on and not really near anything important like your eyes or your brain. Though, for anyone who does feel weirded out about messing with their nails, you can try hair to fur instead - the spell is on page 37 of your text books. It’s not very likely that you’ll do anything to mess yourselves up, unless you directly target something important.

“You may begin.”

OOC - Credit for the spell goes to the Umlands’ author, who invented it the first time we did this class. Her reasoning can be found here. If anyone would like to come up with the hair to fur spell, it is encouraged - as advanced students, you should be more than capable of contributing in detail to the class, and thus you are more actively encouraged than ever to make up theory as well as elements of the practical, such as the incantations. Posts will be marked on length, creativity, realism and relevance, and must be a minimum of 200 words.

    • An attempt to humanize.Kelsey Atwater, Crotalus, Fri Jun 16 18:10
      Just as last year, Kelsey had enjoyed midterm immensely what with all the balls and parties. She was a natural at those things and there was nothing wrong with enjoying what one was good at.... more
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