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Professor Skies
Beginners - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
Sat Jun 10, 2017 07:32

Selina liked the first half of term better for the intermediates and advanced students, as their exams were still further off and everyone felt a little less manic, but the second half for more for the beginners, who by now were at least able to consistently channel their magic into doing something. Perhaps it wasn’t always super consistent, and it likely wasn’t perfect, but gone were the days of just glaring at their transfiguration projects willing them to do anything at all (and the occasional explosions of frustration, both literal and metaphorical, that came with this). She had kept an eye out for any students who had particular difficulty with their practical or their theory, and invited them either to her office hours, if the problem was their understanding or ability in the subject matter, or the literacy support sessions she ran, if the problem was more with their language skills or academic writing as a whole. They were all still steadily working through inanimate transfigurations, with the second years being challenged either by being given a different object to start or finish with, one which required a further leap of magic and imagination, or by being scored on the design as well as the completeness of their project.

“Good morning,” she greeted the class. “Today, you are going to be making bags - for the most part, this spell will work best to create a simple tote bag. The second years will be starting with a harder material, and can also cover design work, or start adding fastenings, to stretch themselves. Any first years who want to stretch themselves can do so by focussing on design.” She didn’t single out Zevalyn Ives, as she didn’t want to make her self-conscious - any more so than her current situation likely did - but she had intervened early in the term to let Zevalyn know that she was welcome to regard herself as whichever grade level she liked when taking these instructions, as well as to offer her additional support. It was Selina’s habit to walk around and give pointers during class, and so she had been able to help steer Zevalyn by merely doing this more frequently with her than she would have done an average student. It also allowed her to keep an eye on the girl, and check that her own expectations of herself weren’t becoming too unrealistic. Whilst minor explosions were par for the course in the first term, Selina had been keeping a particular eye on Zevalyn, due to the combination of her magic going untrained for longer than average, the resultant stress of now having to play catch up, and the fact that she was probably hitting puberty, which sounded like a winning combination for pyrotechnics.

“Please take a square of fabric if you’re a first year, and a square of wood if you are a second year. There are also some Transfiguration tables coming around, which you’ll notice are now blank for everyone.” The Transfiguration tables were an exercise Selina got students to do in their early days, in order to help with their visualisation skills and knowing what elements they needed to focus their energy on to complete the change. The left column listed traits, such as size, materials and function (or today, had blank spaces for the students to list these themselves) whilst in the right column they could note the similarities or differences between the objects.

“The spell is ’saccus’ and requires a light sweeping wand movement, like so,” she demonstrated, turning one of the fabric squares into a bright paisley patterned tote.

“The spell is the same for everyone, making it a target spell, rather than a source or origin spell. For your homework, please write up a brief definition of each, and find three examples.

“You may talk quietly amongst yourselves whilst you work, and let me know if you have any difficulties. Please begin.”

OOC - Welcome to Transfiguration. Posts here are graded on your realism not how well you claim to have performed, so keep it in line with what could be expected of someone of your character's age and experience. You are being supervised and Professor Skies would not allow anything to get out of hand, so please give me time to intervene if you are having/causing trouble, and tag me in the subject line to get my attention.

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