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Jennifer White (Aladren)
By no means Exceptional
Fri Jun 16, 2017 14:30

Jen was feeling a little bored. That wasn’t fair on the universe, because it had been kind enough to send her to magic school, which was just about the coolest thing she had ever experienced (apart from maybe that one time she’d actually seen a real live person do a 720 Gazelle flip. What a hero). Still there were the same classes, the same students (she couldn’t claim the same professors because actually there had been a few changes since midterm but it spoiled her belligerent monologue to admit this), and it was dull. Like today they were learning how to use magic to make fabric into bags. That should be cool. That should be amazingly awesome, because it would lead to customizing your own clothes with magic instead of just adding patches or having to go to the trouble of dyeing stuff or learning to sew, which was a skill Jen would love to have but was nowhere near eager enough to learn, and yet Jen just looked at the professor, and at her textbook, and felt no motivation or enthusiasm whatsoever to complete the task. Except that she would fail if she didn’t. Okay then, almost no motivation.

Sighing, Jen sluggishly hauled herself across the classroom to select the least obnoxious square of fabric she could find - it was very dark green with large black polka dots - and returned to find someone had deposited a blank transfiguration table on her desk. Jen stared at it, once she was back in her seat, until the letters of the words blurred together, as she idly imagined herself pulling a blanket over the top of her head and lying in isolated darkness and silence for the rest of all eternity. A scraping sound nearby - probably a chair on the classroom floor - jolted her from her semi-conscious musings and drew her attention back to her current surroundings.

Heaving another, more audible sigh, Jen straightened the parchment, lethargically picked up her quill (which she had mercifully had the foresight to remove from her bag upon entering the classroom, as she doubted she could summon the enthusiasm to accomplish locating it within the - possibly literally - bottomless conglomeration of scraps of parchment, broken bracelets, empty ink wells and droobles wrappers that kept her textbooks well buffered from her bag’s inner lining) and began scratching details for this particular transfiguration into the corresponding columns. It was not difficult or engaging work, but it was at least preparing her brain for the spell she would need to attempt soon, and being in the right frame of mind could only have a positive impact on her spellwork, she was sure.

Actually, it was helping. Jen took a moment to be silently impressed with professor Skies’ learning aids, because already the first year was starting to consider various functions of different styles of bags, and how this would impact design, and how that, in turn, would affect the her spellcasting. The professor had demonstrated a simple tote, and as her transfiguration skills were by no means exceptional, Jen planned to begin with that, also. Therefore her ‘function’ column was less detailed than it might have been for a more specific, singular-function receptacle. Her silence on this occasion was due to thoughtfulness, not her earlier academic apathy, and was far more engaging. So when she looked up to see another person staring right at her, Jen was mildly surprised - a chair scraping loudly moments earlier definitely would not have registered with the Aladren; this person could have been speaking to her for minutes and she would have no idea. “Yes?” she inquired, as void of emotion or suggestion as she could manage in a single syllable, as she did not know the details of the scenario in which she now found herself.

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    • By no means Exceptional — Jennifer White (Aladren), Fri Jun 16 14:30
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