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Kelsey Atwater, Crotalus
An attempt to humanize.
Fri Jun 16, 2017 18:10

Just as last year, Kelsey had enjoyed midterm immensely what with all the balls and parties. She was a natural at those things and there was nothing wrong with enjoying what one was good at. Especially when one's talents were something so important to their future. For example, her younger sister's talents seemed to be focused on all things water. Kelsey didn't see how that would help Natalie get a husband, beyond the fact that she supposed swimming was a decent way to stay in shape.

Other than that, she felt the second year needed to overall follow her example more. Natalie, after all, was already at a disadvantage based on her Sorting so she needed to work hard to overcome it. What good pureblood man,would want to marry someone from a house associated with adventure and just generally bad behavior, she thought, conveniently forgetting that both Scarlett and Arabella had indeed found mates. Possibly the Bianchis and the Bennetts were attracted to the fact that both girls bore the last name Brockert.

Anyway, adventurous was not a desirable quality in a proper young lady. Nor was daring. Ladies were supposed to be elegant and few Pecaris made the cut. There was the legendary Sara Raines, of course, but Kelsey wasn't entirely sure that the Sorting Potion hadn't been tampered with that year. After all, Ryan was in that class and Kelsey sort of thought her cousin was more Teppenpaw than Crotalus.

She herself had spent time among prospective suitors, knowing she could afford to be picky. The thing was, even though the sixth had so many options, there was....someone she wanted above all others and while certainly if that didn't work out, Kelsey wouldn't be left wanting. Well, she supposed she actually would, yearning for whom she really wanted, but she wouldn't end up a spinster. The idea of her being a spinster was unimaginably ridiculous.

Still, to have someone you wanted and having to settle for someone else was just dreadful. Kelsey's heart truly went out to Savannah who'd lost everything. She couldn't imagine being in such a position. Or at the very least, she tried very much not to. It wasn't as if Savannah was unlikely to find a suitor, it was just that she was pining after Aiden yet, as if he'd died. At one point the Crotalus would have felt like her cousin should just move on, but now that there was actually someone she wanted, she understood where Savannah was coming from. Besides, the older girl seemed so sad, and to see her twin have everything now while she was left out in the cold must have been all the worse. Kelsey's own sister wasn't a good comparison based on the age difference, but she couldn't imagine losing everything just as things came together for Kira.

This, though, was not about pride, not Savannah's and certainly not her own since the situation had technically nothing to do with Kelsey. It was just that she'd known how much the Teppenpaw had cared for Aiden and probably still did. Just as she was interested in who she was in interested in. And she would likely be very disappointed if she didn't marry said person. Even though there were probably men of better status who probably would be happy to marry her and that was where Kelsey's focus should be, not the frivolities of actual affection. Emotions were silly, but they were there.

Actually now was not the time to think about such things period. Now Kelsey was in Transfiguration and as far as she was concerned, even though she certainly was not going to be having a career, but she felt that it was important for society ladies to be intelligent, capable of carrying on a conversation. Plus, her mother had been a Brockert so being good at Transfiguration was a point of pride.

And that meant trying the human transfiguration exercise. Kelsey had never had any desire to be an animagus and had, in fact, been made by Arabella to sign a pact years and years ago before she truly understood-even though of course, she pretended to understand perfectly-not to become one so it could be Ryan's special thing. How magically or legally binding it was was up for debate since it had been written up by a teenager.

Still, her pride still was there. The sixth year found talons an unattractive look for her perfectly manicured nails but she had to give it a try. " Verto Unguem. " Kelsey said as she tried to picture the talons of an eagle. Her nails began to grow, and now they were all different lengths. Some were still human and perfect as before. Some were human but long. Her left pinky was one huge long perfect talon. It was a seriously gross look even though she delighted in perfection.

Honestly, there had been no need for Arabella to make her sign any sort of pact, Kelsey had no intention of changing her appearance in this manner!

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