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Zevalyn Ives
My hypothesis is that smoke is bad. (Professor)
Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:54

Zevalyn dropped, exhausted, into a seat near the front. She had stayed up much too late last night doing her herbology reading (she'd started hoping it would put her to sleep), but then she'd recognized a plant name from potions and cross referenced with her potions book as well as some supplementary books she'd had on hand, and then it had been midnight somehow. She felt she made good progress in understanding both subjects though, so aside from feeling a bit wiped today, she didn't regret it.

She made herself sit straight upright with impeccable posture. Since doing so was uncomfortable and required some small amount of focus, she hoped it would keep her awake and alert for the lecture. This seemed to work, though it helped that the lecture was brief and to the point.

She briefly considered the relative merits of target spells versus source spells. She was inclined to believe the former were more useful, because if you needed a bag and had the target spell for a bag, you could always make a bag regardless of what was nearby to use as raw material. If you had a origin spell for a particular thing, and didn't have that thing, them you were totally out of luck. On the other hand, if you did have some of that material, you could probably do more with it than just make a bag. If you didn't need a bag, but needed, say, a tarp to give you shade from the sun, the origin spell might be better if you had some random wooden squares on hand and knew an origin spell for wood squares. Otherwise, you'd need to make a huge bag and cut it up to make a makeshift tarp.

In conclusion, she figured it was probably best to know a bunch of each so you'd have options in any circumstance.

Though the chances of having random wood squares lying about seemed low so she thought maybe that particular origin spell might not be the most useful one. As that was what she currently had sitting right in front of her at this very moment though, it did make for an acceptable hypothetical example.

She had started trying out the second year assignments at the start of the new semester and saw no reason not to continue doing so today. Most of her teachers had seemed amenable to this progression and Professor Skies in particular had made it a point to tell her she should do whichever assignment she felt was most appropriate for her.

Zevalyn hadn't failed to notice that the professor did seem to hover nearby more than she did for some of the other students, but she appreciated the attention as it meant she often got help quicker when she needed it without needing to get too frustrated trying and failing on her own.

Zevalyn diligently filled out her transfiguration table as she had already discovered that the spell was harder if she skimped on the details in it. It was sort of scientific anyway, and that pleased her, being able to quantify things and make objective comparisons. In that way, transfiguration almost came easier to her than some of the lighter subjects like Charms.

When her table was completed, she turned her attention to her square of wood and picked up her wand. "Baggus!" she cast, forcing enthusiasm and confidence because lethargic disinterest was not conducive to spell casting.

*Too much enthusiasm!* she concluded a moment later, *Too little control!*

The good news was that she successfully created a rough canvas tote bag, like the kind her parents used for their groceries: thick, sturdy, plain, perhaps a bit too rigid with some wood grains still visible, but overall not a terrible first attempt.

The bad news was that it was, well, it had smoke and heat coming off of it in disconcerting amounts.

"Professor!" Zevalyn called out in alarm, snatching her endangered and notebook from her desk before retreating to a safer distance.

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