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Professor Skies
Intermediates - quirky contraptions
Sat Jun 24, 2017 00:34

“Good morning,” Professor Skies greeted the intermediates, “Today, we are going to be exploring another of the alternative uses of Transfiguration.” The syllabus was peppered with these topics, which Selina had been upfront about explaining would not likely be on the CATS directly, although they could always cite them as examples in longer essay questions. This probably meant that a lot of the students were going to be tuning out, or focussing on other things during this class, especially as they’d got to the age where staring at each other had suddenly become an interesting and all-consuming pastime. However, she felt it was fair to be honest about what they would and would not need to study for the exams - they had enough pressure without trying to fruitlessly cram every last word of her lectures into their heads.

“Though for those of you not sitting major national exams, who knows what I might choose for your end of year tests,” she added, with a smile, hoping to make at least the third and fourth years give her a bit of their attention. The main reason she included these types of classes was to help allow students to make more informed decisions about their futures. There was such a wide variety of Transfiguration beyond the sometimes rather stuffy and traditional material that tended to come up in exams. When the students were choosing the options for their futures, she wanted them to know where their studies could actually take them.

“Today, we are studying mechanical transfiguration. It is a relatively new branch of the subject, and your homework will be to read about the field and write a short introduction to it. It is a field which attempts to make simple objects into more complex ones - to make machineries of various kinds. Today, we will be making simple toys into automata - that is, toys that are moved by cogs.” She pulled out a toy broomstick which had already been mounted on small wooden frame, as all the toys they would be using today had been. With a wave of her wand, she added a cog mechanism under the toy, connected to a handle which, when turned, made the little broomstick buck up and down as if it was being tossed around in high winds. Whilst she was able to conjure the cogs, the students would be provided with discs of differing materials to make theirs from.

“The spells for today’s class is ’Kuggera.’ Whilst you will be making your cogs individually, I hope you can see how this kind of class could be combined with skills in conjuring to open up many more exciting and complex possibilities. Along with the box, there’s a handout coming around explaining the different cog combinations you can try and the movements they will produce - it is important that you understand the effect that you are trying to achieve in order to make the mechanisms in mechanical transfiguration. Some of you may have the added challenge of transfiguring your toy - for example, if you have a solid figurine but you want to make a dinosaur that snaps, you are first going to have to create the moving part. A simple dislocation spell should work for that.” It was an inanimate to inanimate spell, used to break things down into their constituent parts, and well within the capabilities of all the intermediate students.

“You may begin.”

OOC - points for length, relevance, realism and creativity. You can all claim knowledge of the dislocation spell, and anyone who feels like coming up with the incantation for it is likely to earn a high number of points, but if spell names aren’t you jam, you can just say that they cast it without specifying any more about it.

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