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Kira Spaulding, Crotalus
Sounds fun!
Sat Jul 8, 2017 13:40

Mechanical Transfiguration was not an area Kira had spent a lot of time on. She had CATS this year and right now, was mostly working on theory stuff since in the classes she wanted to continue, she had the practical down pretty good and only really felt she needed to work on Potions.

So, Kira was eager to give it a try. Any sort of wandwork gave her great pleasure to do because it was the only area where she had any sort of confidence. It made her forget for awhile about all the times she was awkward and inferior which was basically the rest of her life.

And the fact that Kira was a fifth year now was a plus. She could do the hardest lesson because it was what was expected of her class now. She didn't have to feel like a show-off like she would have previously. The Crotalus knew full well what it was like to be on the other end of that and she didn't like it one bit. She didn't want anyone to feel like she did usually. Nor did Kira want them to resent her for it. More than anything, she just wanted to be liked and even though she had friends, she worried anyone not her friend or her cousin didn't really like her and/or thought they were better than she was. Granted, Kira was knew full well that Kelsey thought she was better than Kira was. She didn't say so outright but it was pretty evident.

At least though, it didn't seem personal. That Kira was the only person Kelsey thought she was superior to. It was just that from the fifth year's perspective, she was in a position where Kelsey was who she felt she was compared to often and unfavorably at that. It was just that Kelsey wasn't deliberately trying to pick on Kira specifically.

Which was easy enough to think when she was in a place where she shined like Tranfiguration. Her undisputed best class. It was much less easy to be magnanimous towards her cousin when they were at a ball when everyone was oohing and ahhing over Kelsey and all Kira wanted to do was hide. Rarely did anyone pay attention to her anyway. Part of her thought it for the best because she was totally awkward and was sure she would just make a negative impression , but part of her yearned to find someone who really liked her. Plus, the fifth year was supposed to find someone to be betrothed to and she was worried that it wouldn't happen at all. Kira couldn't help but be stressed out about it a good portion of the time.

Right now though, she was in her happy place and could forget how much she sucked everywhere else for awhile.The Crotalus took a look at the toy she had recieved. A dragon. Okay, she could totally work with this. There were wings to flap and a jaw that could snap, just like in the example Professor Skies had given about the dinosaur. It would be neat to do a fire effect too, but she didn't think that was a cog mechanism. That was a charm, which would be going beyond the assignment and thus, showing off. She could, however, make the legs move.

She decided to start with the flapping wings though. Kira looked over the materials, noting that she had some wood discs and some cloth ones and got started. "Kuggera." Before long, she had a pile of cogs and it was time to start applying them to the dragon.

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    • Sounds fun! — Kira Spaulding, Crotalus, Sat Jul 8 13:40
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