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Tasha DuBois,Aladren
And now for something completely different (Joe)
Wed Jul 12, 2017 17:56

Despite the fact that Tasha missed traveling and eating exotic foods while at school, she really enjoyed all her classes. She didn't just love going to places her classmates would never think of going on vacation and eating pork stomach and inerja, she also adored learning. After all, she was an Aladren.

She didn't even have a favorite. Every single one of them kept her interest. Most people had things that they did and didn't like about classes, whether it was a particular subject or type of lesson, but Tasha was never bored in them. In fact, sometimes a particular topic in class would produce a tangential thought that she found fascinating and pursued until she either ran out of information or found something else. It rather sucked if the former happened first but even then it didn't take long until the latter did.

Right now, Tasha was considering learning another language. She already spoke English, French and Portuguese fluently and had an inkling of others but she wanted to get fluent in another one. It was just that there were so many and it was hard to pick! Tasha knew she wanted something different both in the sense of different than what she already spoke and different from what most people learned. Maybe something eastern European instead of western, or something from a different continent.

However, she had Transfiguration at the moment and the minute Professor Skies mentioned mechanical transfiguration, Tasha forgot all about foreign languages for the moment. This looked fun! Okay, transfiguration was usually fun or at least interesting. Theory work tended to be more the latter in general while practical was the former. This, however, was something different.

She listened closely to the lesson and picked a toy frog out of the box. Instantly, Tasha knew exactly what she was going to do with it. She was going to make it jump out at people. As she began transfiguring her materials, she turned to Joe. "What did you get?"

  • Intermediates - quirky contraptionsProfessor Skies, Sat Jun 24 00:34
    “Good morning,” Professor Skies greeted the intermediates, “Today, we are going to be exploring another of the alternative uses of Transfiguration.” The syllabus was peppered with these topics, which ... more
    • And now for something completely different (Joe) — Tasha DuBois,Aladren, Wed Jul 12 17:56
    • Sounds fun!Kira Spaulding, Crotalus, Sat Jul 8 13:40
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