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Professor Skies
That, at least, is correct
Wed Jul 26, 2017 05:08

There was a teacherly skill that Selina had perfected over the years -the art of listening but not listening, of listening selectively. She really did not want to know who had said what about whom, or who'd been seen snogging in the gardens, or why so and so wasn't speaking to so and so any more. She preferred to live in ignorant bliss of these facts, unless a student chose to bring the issue to her. However, she needed to keep an ear as well as an eye on what they were doing, listening out for any gross mispronounciations or mangling of theories.


The word caught her attention just before the cry of 'Professor' which followed it. She quickly stopped the smoke with a wave of her wand. Whilst she'd been more or less expecting something from Zevalyn, this hadn't been it. Zevalyn was normally a conscientious girl, and making a mistake with the spell word was unlike her.

"Is everything ok today, Zevalyn?" Selina asked her. "You look rather tired," she noted, assessing Zevalyn and finding plenty of evidence in the rings under her eyes as to why things might not be going so well today.

  • My hypothesis is that smoke is bad. (Professor)Zevalyn Ives, Wed Jun 21 11:54
    Zevalyn dropped, exhausted, into a seat near the front. She had stayed up much too late last night doing her herbology reading (she'd started hoping it would put her to sleep), but then she'd... more
    • That, at least, is correct — Professor Skies, Wed Jul 26 05:08
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