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Professor Skies
Intermediates - a long, long time ago...
Wed Aug 30, 2017 21:21

"Good morning, and welcome or welcome back to intermediate transfiguration," Selina greeted her newly assembled third, forth and fifth years. Every year, it came as something of a shock to see students who still seemed freshly sorted, still seemed like new faces to her, stepping up into the middle class.

She began with handing out a syllabus for the term, giving a few details on the topics they would be covering. Switching spells got quite a large unit, as did the theories but not the practical side of vanishing and conjuring, all of which tied in with animate to animate transfiguration, which would form the bulk of the work.

"Today, we will be looking at living things but we'll be starting small, looking at plants. We will also be learning about the impact of evolution on spell difficulty.

"Now, who can tell me what the theory of evolution is?" she asked. She took responses from a couple of students, guiding and rephrasing anything that wasn't quite right, until she felt they'd got a pretty accurate summary.

"Now, when we look at any living thing, we can also examine its evolution. With plants, for example, very simple ones like algae and lichens evolved first, and they have remained virtually unchanged ever since. It's unsurprising that these plant forms are much simpler than others -for example, they lack a vascular system, that is a vein structure for distributing water throughout the plant. We can therefore use knowledge of species evolution to predict, to some degree, how difficult a transfiguration will be. Of course, there are many other factors -can you give me some examples? " she asked. The subject of what made different transformations easy or difficult had been covered very thoroughly at beginner level, and so this was just a quick recap to check they were all still awake. "To start this lesson, I want you to read pages one and two of this handout, which details the different evolutionary stages of plant life, and will help you have a greater understanding of the different structures involved in the plants you are creating today. Your homework will be to read the rest, which discusses the evolution of marine and animal life on earth. There are some attached questions for you to complete," she sent a stack of papers around the room with a wave of her wand.
"Today, we will all be starting with a piece of cloth, but third years will be making lichens, forth years will be making ferns and fifth years will be making orchids. Lichens use short brisk wand motions, ferns soft fluttering ones, and orchids a flowing motion," she demonstrated each of these, taking particular care to go slowly and have the students practise with her for the latter two, both of which were a bit more complex. "There are some catchall spells for creating plants, and we'll look into those more in future lessons. They come in handy if you don't know the Latin name for the plant you're trying to create. However, using its name as the spell will make your work easier, and as you have those available to you today, I suggest you use them," she gestured to the shelf at the back, where there were a variety of nature books. "I leave it up to each of you to choose your own particular variety of the plants I have mentioned. You may begin."

OOC - feel free to answer the questions posed, just make sure another student hasn't already given the same information. You may also include details that your character is reading in the handout, and there are plenty of online resources to do with plant evolution to give you quotations, should you wish.

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