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Ben Pierce, Pecari
There was a horse. And then there was a pegasus.
Thu Aug 31, 2017 15:48

Ben entered the Transfiguration room with a bit of trepidation. It was now his fifth year, which was basically synonymous with CATS. Of all his classes, Transfiguration was the one one he felt the least confident about. This was very likely going to be his last year taking it, but first he needed to squeak in an A on the exam.

He was one of the taller kids in the class now, so he took a seat at the back, not wanting to block anyone's view of the board. (Well, hoping not to draw too much notice to his decidedly mediocre spell work also played a roll, but if anyone asked, it was totally because he was tall.)

Most transfiguration theory flew like a snitch way over his head (and was just as elusive sometimes) so he was surprised when he actually could answer her first question. He had nothing against his girlfriend winning Prefect this year, he was super proud of her and happy for her success, but the though had crossed his mind that maybe he hadn't gotten it because her grades were better.

He maybe wasn't as brilliant as an Aladren, but he hoped his peers didn't think he was dumb. So he raised his hand, hoping to show the professor and his classmates that he wasn't as much as an idiot as his past grades in this subject may have indicated, and answered, "The theory of evolution is that over time - like hundreds of generations - living things slowly change as the strong ones survive and the ones with less favorable traits die off before making babies, and the species as a whole adapts to their environment and improves their chances of survival and sometimes become a whole new species from what they started as. Like horses becoming pegasuses. Pegases? Pegasi? Winged horses." He thought that was pretty close to how his mom explained it when they'd gone to the zoo and the subject had sort of come up. Mom was a doctor so she ought to know. She probably knew the plural of a pegasus, too, but that wasn't really the important part today.

He listened to the rest of the lecture, and it seemed to make sense. Cool. So far he was on top of this. Okay, yes, it was still the first day and there were little kids in the class who had been beginners just a few months ago, but there was a lot to be said for starting off on a high note. Get a running start and all that.

As he began flipping through a book on flowers, trying to find a good orchid to make, he asked his neighbor, "What do you say when there's more than one Pegasus, anyway?" It was probably something he'd never need to know ever again, but it was bugging him and he wanted to know.

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    • a galaxy far, far away.Joseph Umland, Teppenpaw, Sat Oct 21 21:56
      Joe didn’t think Ben Pierce was dumb, but he didn’t think Ben Pierce was exactly a scholar, either. Therefore, Joe was slightly surprised when Ben described the theory of evolution about as well as... more
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    • There was a horse. And then there was a pegasus. — Ben Pierce, Pecari, Thu Aug 31 15:48
      • And then mental nudityKyte Collindale, Pecari, Tue Sep 19 08:59
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