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Professor Skies
Beginners - rain, rain, go away
Fri Sep 15, 2017 23:44

October dawned with a spectacular downpour. Selina often questioned the wisdom and sanity of their Irish founders who had been so fond of their home climate as to set up weather charms in the desert school in order to mimic it - firstly because that was a ridiculous amount of work, and second because she frequently failed to see the appeal. She had planned a rainy day lesson, safe in the knowledge that one would come along sooner or later (though it would be typical of the Irish weather to be sunny throughout the autumn months just to spite her - until living with Sonora’s, she had never thought of weather as something that had much personality or intent, but the Irish type definitely did, and it was to be as sheer bloody minded and contrary as possible).

“Good morning,” she greeted the beginners class, as they filed in and took their seats. “Hands up anyone who got wet feet this morning?” she asked, looking particularly at the Pecaris, who would have had to walk through the gardens to get into the main school building. “Rain is a common feature at Sonora, and even days that start out sunny here can quickly turn. So, today, we’ll be working on a very practical lesson, in order to help you deal with this problem. We’ll be making rain boots. We’ll be practising it on different types of shoe, as the most useful target for this, in case of a sudden rain shower, is your own footwear. I’ve got some regular boots for first years, and other types of shoes and sandals for second years,” she explained, waving her wand so that two boxes began to make their way around. In order to successfully navigate between the rows of chairs, they were about the size of a single standard shoe box, yet even by the time they got to the back row, the students would find them to still be adequately full.

“Remember to start by working out the differences between what you’re starting with and what you’re aiming to create. I’d like to see a complete transfiguration table from everyone, even if it seems straightforward,” she requested. Transfiguration relied very heavily on visualisation, and on the students being able to target their energy into the right aspects of the transformation they were trying to make. To aid this process Selina had her beginner students analyse the similarities and differences between the object they had and the object they wanted using a simple table, which listed all the features imaginable - size, colour, function, material, with two blank columns for them to make notes about these features. For the beginners, the main objective this lesson was going to be changing the material. As they were a few weeks into term, she hoped they were starting to get confident with this skill, although this required them to use it on a relatively big target. Whilst a pair of regular boots turned into rubber would work effectively as rain boots, and get them a passing grade, they might look a little odd, and so refining the appearance in some small and subtle ways would earn them extra credit.

“The spell for this is brasilenius, and you will need a swirling upward motion of your wand, like so,” she added, demonstrating by transforming a pair of brogues on her desk into a pair of blue boots patterned with clouds. “First years, don’t worry too much about design work, unless you find that you’re really getting the spell easily. Second years, as usual, it’s a way to earn extra credit.” Design work was always a good way to have older years in the classes stretch themselves - if the shoes they had were red, there was no reason why they shouldn’t make a pair of red boots. They were every bit as correct and useful as, say, a yellow pair. But being able to change the colour at the same time as everything else took extra effort and therefore was worth extra credit. Of course, if a student was struggling to get the spell down, colour was often a feature that could remain the same, and give them fewer factors to worry about.

“For homework, I would like you to try to find out the origin of the spell. I’d also like you to read up on Impervius charms, and suggest reasons why the Transfiguration you’re learning might still be useful or necessary. If you finish your practical work early, you can begin on this task.You may talk with your classmates as you work. And, if you have any difficulty, ask around or call me over. You may begin.”

OOC - welcome to beginners transfiguration! Posts are graded based on length, realism, relevance and creativity. Grading is done out of character, based on the writing skills you demonstrate, not how good you claim your character is at the spell. You’re a few weeks into term now, so this isn’t the first time your character has picked up a wand or attempted transfiguration. Enjoy, and have fun!

    • Singing in the rainParker Fitzgerald - Pecari, Thu Sep 28 05:23
      The shoes squished as he walked into the classroom and Parker felt a bit like a wet dog or some almost drowned animal. The rain had started during Parker's now semi dialy walks through the gardens... more
      • That's the spiritGary Harper, Tue Oct 10 20:58
        Gary had arrived early for class. He liked being early, it gave him some time to get his thing situated and get a little reading done in the text before class got started. So far, transfigurations... more
    • Glittery and jitteryDorian Montoir, Teppenpaw, Sat Sep 16 02:26
      Dorian took a seat in Transfiguration, trying to ignore the balloons that followed him into the room and set themselves behind him. October the first was his birthday, and so far it was… mixed. All... more
      • One of those things sounds better than the other.Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Sun Sep 17 14:48
        Westerners were very strange. This was a fact and Tatiana accepted it as a fact without question. When she saw one of them come into class with balloons trailing after him, though, she could not help ... more
        • Depends how annoying you find glitterDorian, Mon Sep 18 03:17
          It turned out he was sitting with Tatiana. Dorian had, by now, gathered the names of most people via the roll call, and the fact that it was an exceedingly small year. He hadn’t talked to Tatiana... more
          • It would be bad if glitter made you jittery.Tatiana, Mon Sep 18 11:01
            Wearing. Tatiana had forgotten that word. Ruefully, however, she realized she probably would have remembered it had she not been thinking the wrong way about the question – she had thought that was... more
            • Oh. She was Alaskan. So, technically, Tatiana was not an international student. Luckily, she didn’t seem to mind his error. He felt he was very fortunate not to be pulled up on that one or to have... more
              • Good thing it doesn't seem to be, then.Tatiana, Wed Sep 20 20:47
                Tatiana had never managed to get the hang of French even with true teachers, but her eyes lit up at the idea of a language exchange with Dorian and Jehan just the same. That would, she reasoned, be... more
                • “I’m sure,” Dorian nodded, when she asked if Jehan would help her too. He thought that the Club of Tongues might take a different direction than his and Jehan’s previous plans to read poetry together ... more
                  • How could they not?Tatiana, Fri Sep 22 11:24
                    Tatiana nodded in sympathy when Dorian mentioned that all the English gave him a headache sometimes. “Me, too,” said Tatiana. “Not as bad as first – then it sounds like many chickens!” she laughed,... more
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