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Depends how annoying you find glitter
Mon Sep 18, 2017 03:17

It turned out he was sitting with Tatiana. Dorian had, by now, gathered the names of most people via the roll call, and the fact that it was an exceedingly small year. He hadn’t talked to Tatiana properly yet, but enough of her reputation preceded her that he knew he wasn’t the only foreign student here. That was somewhat comforting, and he had been hoping for a chance to get to know her better - to form some comradely solidarity over irregular plurals, and the perils of the ‘th’ sound.

What does shoes do?

“We are wearing them?” he suggested, glancing at her table to confirm that she was, indeed, on the ‘function,’ section. He felt this was obvious, and so pondered her question a little longer. “And the rain boots that we make is keeping dry, but other shoes maybe not. Other shoes can be… just for wearing. Or maybe for looking pretty?” he suggested, tilting his head to the side as he considered it, and causing the light to catch the myriad glitter specks that still lingered in his hair, very visible against the black.

“I’m Dorian,” he added, although he thought she might not know that by now. He tried to think of how to express what they had in common, but he found that it was surprisingly difficult to bring up the fact of English not being their best language without potentially insulting Tatiana. ‘We both struggle with the same thing,’ implied the other person was struggling, which they might not be happy about admitting or having pointed out. “I am from Quebec,” he offered, as a means of getting to the same point. “Before coming, I think I will be the only international student,” he smiled.

  • One of those things sounds better than the other.Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Sun Sep 17 14:48
    Westerners were very strange. This was a fact and Tatiana accepted it as a fact without question. When she saw one of them come into class with balloons trailing after him, though, she could not help ... more
    • Depends how annoying you find glitter — Dorian, Mon Sep 18 03:17
      • It would be bad if glitter made you jittery.Tatiana, Mon Sep 18 11:01
        Wearing. Tatiana had forgotten that word. Ruefully, however, she realized she probably would have remembered it had she not been thinking the wrong way about the question – she had thought that was... more
        • Oh. She was Alaskan. So, technically, Tatiana was not an international student. Luckily, she didn’t seem to mind his error. He felt he was very fortunate not to be pulled up on that one or to have... more
          • Good thing it doesn't seem to be, then.Tatiana, Wed Sep 20 20:47
            Tatiana had never managed to get the hang of French even with true teachers, but her eyes lit up at the idea of a language exchange with Dorian and Jehan just the same. That would, she reasoned, be... more
            • “I’m sure,” Dorian nodded, when she asked if Jehan would help her too. He thought that the Club of Tongues might take a different direction than his and Jehan’s previous plans to read poetry together ... more
              • How could they not?Tatiana, Fri Sep 22 11:24
                Tatiana nodded in sympathy when Dorian mentioned that all the English gave him a headache sometimes. “Me, too,” said Tatiana. “Not as bad as first – then it sounds like many chickens!” she laughed,... more
                • It does go everywhere...Dorian, Sat Sep 30 00:43
                  “Yes!” he laughed, when Tatiana compared the simultaneous cacophony of English speakers to chickens. “It is so much when many people speak it at one time. At home, maybe two people at one time, and... more
                  • Tatiana nodded to the description of Jehan. “Yes,” she agreed. “He seems so.” If Tatiana understood the rest of Dorian’s speech properly, he was saying that at his home, they switched languages all... more
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