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Kyte Collindale, Pecari
And then mental nudity
Tue Sep 19, 2017 08:59

Oh, Merlin, he got it already. They had exams. It was like the teachers thought that they’d all somehow managed to tune out the past four years (which, ok, was maybe like… up to eighty percent accurate in his case but whatever) and hadn’t realised that their fifth year classmates were doing them. He knew. They didn’t need to remind him every five damn minutes that this year ‘really counted.’ What was that meant to mean anyway? Had they just been going through the motions for four years, had none of that mattered? (Again, in his case, eighty percent yes, but still - whatever!). He’d already invented a game to make it bearable. Every time a teacher mentioned the CATS, he was allowed to mentally remove an item of clothing from the nearest attractive classmate. He’d started out with ‘mentally undress a classmate’ but the teachers mentioned CATS so often that it was getting a bit much, although it had made him consider some of the boys more than he had before. He still thought the girls were more interesting, in that he knew what naked boys looked like already but not naked girls, but if any of them wanted to do it for real, he didn’t think he’d be particularly picky.

He took a seat next to Ben (who whilst frequently nearby and not a bad looking person was given the mental privilege of keeping all his clothes on - a distinction he shared only with Raine). He was surprised when Ben raised his hand. Not that Ben was thick, obviously - Ben was the entire reason Kyte ever passed anything. Just, on the whole, he and Ben weren’t in-class-question kind of people. What proceeded to come out Ben’s mouth then sounded so exactly like something a teacher would say that Kyte almost did a double take. He’d expected the question to need a one or two word answer at best. That had been a paragraph. He pretty much gave up trying to concentrate on the class at that point because a) it was way over his head b) clearly Ben was capable of explaining it later, if need be.

When they were set to work, Ben asked what he said in response to winged horses.

“I say hot damn, wanna go for a ride,” he grinned.

He picked up a nature book, turning to the back. Professor Skies had patiently taught him the concept of an index during their academic support classes. As it made the time spent dealing with books considerably shorter, it was a piece of information that had stuck, although when it was something like looking through the nature books, he didn’t mind sometimes just flicking through the pages and getting merrily distracted by all the other cool things.

He ran his finger down the list, past orchid (which he mentally pronounced along the same lines as the place where apples were grown, dismissing it as such), searching under O-R-K.

“I don’t think there’s any in here. Why’d she bring us this book if it doesn’t have the flowers we need in it?” he sighed. “What did you find?”

  • There was a horse. And then there was a pegasus.Ben Pierce, Pecari, Thu Aug 31 15:48
    Ben entered the Transfiguration room with a bit of trepidation. It was now his fifth year, which was basically synonymous with CATS. Of all his classes, Transfiguration was the one one he felt the... more
    • And then mental nudity — Kyte Collindale, Pecari, Tue Sep 19 08:59
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