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Professor Skies
Advanced - Transfigurations of Unusual Size
Wed Oct 4, 2017 00:25

“Good morning,” Selina greeted the Advanced Class, “Today, we’re going to be adding a little twist to your vanishing spells,” she informed them. The class had been steadily working their way through vanishing increasingly complex objects and life forms as the term went on.

“Today, we will be looking at vanishing something that is complex because of its size, rather than its structure, and in order to complete this task, you will have to do paired casting. There are many situations where several people need to cast a spell simultaneously in order to have enough magical power to have the desired effect. This does not belong to any specific subject, but is a useful skill to practise with many different types of magic.

“Today, you will work with the person you are sitting next to to vanish your desk. The spell will be most effective the more in synch you are with each other, and so timing and teamwork are just as important as the actual skill with which you cast. ‘Evanesco’ is an easy spell for this kind of work, as - unlike with other Transfigurations - you won’t have conflicting mental pictures of what you are aiming to achieve. Once you have succeeded, I would like you to come up and write some suggestions on the board of times when you would need to work in a team, using spells from any discipline.

“You may begin.”

OOC - points are awarded for length, realism, relevance and creativity. Enjoy.

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