Gary Harper
That's the spirit
Tue Oct 10, 2017 20:58

Gary had arrived early for class. He liked being early, it gave him some time to get his thing situated and get a little reading done in the text before class got started. So far, transfigurations was not looking to be his strong suit. He was getting the hang of it, but some aspects just eluded him. The class essentially was all about the transmutation school of magic as he saw it. Some of the other classes had mixtures of evocation, illusion, abjuration, and some conjuration, but this one was much more focused. That in itself wasn't the problem either, the problem persisted through all of the classes so far, but for some reason it didn't seem to bother him as much as it did here. The problem simply was the question, 'How in the world is this working?'

As the other students poured into the class room, he read through the textbook trying to find the underlying forces behind the structural changes he was making to molecular structure of these objects with a flick of the wand and a word or two. He wasn't having much luck. The book focused much more on the procedures, the steps necessary to accomplish the changes, but not how or why. He knew they worked, he had accomplished some of them, but it still bothered him. Professor Skies began to talk, and he looked up not realizing the seats around him had filled. A boy (who Gary assumed had a name) in the row in front of him had some balloons, and the boy next to him (Parker maybe?) was dripping wet.

Professor Skies talked and Gary took notes. He would have to look up the information on the Impervious charm, one in the abjuration school he assumed with a name like that. The origin of the spell may give him some insight on the power of the origin, this will be some good homework. He'd have to hit the library, if he dug up enough origins of these spells, maybe that would answer some of his question.

When the box went past him, he reached in and grabbed a pair of fur-lined winter boots. He was going to turn this into rubber? This could get interesting. First things first though, the checklist. These had actually be quite helpful, and he scribbled down notes in the boxes provided. Size: 9, 12" tall, 10" leg diameter, 4" sole to top of foot. Color: Black, white fur trim, silver bootlace eyelets, inner lining red and blue plaid. Function: Retain heat, repel moisture. Material: Rubber sole, fabric sides, fur (probably synthetic), metal eyelets. Next he filled out the 'Change to' column. If the goal was just to make it rubber, a lot of this could stay the same. Size: 9, 12" tall, 10" leg diameter, 4" sole to top of foot. Color: Black, white fur trim, silver bootlace eyelets, inner lining red and blue plaid. Function: repel moisture. Material: Rubber sole, rubber sides, fur (probably synthetic), metal eyelets.

He immediately spotted one advantage, the winter boot was also designed to repel water, just not as well. He also wasn't sure how well it would work if he left the laces in, but he wasn't sure he was anywhere good enough to get rid of them yet. Maybe he could try and fuse the tongue and the main part of the boot together and let the laces alone but non-functional. So much of this magic was imagining what you wanted to happen. The word and wand wave had to be precise, there was no way to encode variations into those actions. They were just some sort of focusing point for the mental image you created. Or maybe a way to transfer that mental image onto the physical object...? So much more research was needed.

Leaning back in his chair, he noticed a small trickle of water making its way towards his paper. He wiped it away an looked at the wet boy next to him. He was looking at Gary. "Hey," Gary said in an attempt at a casual start to a conversation he wasn't sure he wanted to have. "How goes your boot?" He gave the boy who he was pretty sure was named Parker, but nowhere close to sure enough to actually say it out loud, a little smile.

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