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Emerald Brockert,Aladren
I can still remember how that music used to make me smile..
Wed Oct 18, 2017 16:25

Emerald was really looking forward to being an Intermediate this year. It was so exciting to be moving on to more challenging and more interesting topics. Okay, so she would have to be in the same room as Lily Spencer, but she tried not to focus on that as the other girl was not worth it. The Aladren had decided to take a page from Ruby's book and look at the positives, albeit not for the sake of itself. That just wasn't her. She did,however, take care to sit far away from Lily and then forgot her existence while she was immersed in learning.

It was nice having her sister here now. They had always been close though that didn't necessarily mean Emerald was going to spend every moment with her. She still wanted to have her own life and friends and she wanted that for Ruby too. However, she was going to do her best to make the first year feel at home here. Well, okay, not home as in their home with their mass of siblings and somewhat neglectful mother but comfortable. Emerald hoped Ruby would make lots of friends and that nobody would mess with her. If that happened she would have to step in. And said person would be lucky she had done it and not waited for Topaz to show up. Topaz was vile to them all but Emerald was pretty sure the nine year old would use tormenting her siblings as an excuse to be vile to someone else. And that person would be sorry as Topaz had a mean streak larger than Professor O'Malley's pregnant belly.

Of course, there was also the fact that their grandfather was the Headmaster and he could certainly be intimidating to most people. The third year wasn't all that worried though as Ruby was such a sweet person that Emerald couldn't imagine anyone not liking her.

Class began and Professor Skies handed them the syllabus. Transfiguration was a favorite class of Emerald's. It was always so informative and interesting. She jotted down a few notes on evolution, even though she did know what it was though not the exact theory. What Ben said was pretty close to what she knew. Briefly, Emerald wondered about such a thing with regards to humans. Sure, they all had bodies that were similar, some shorter or taller, thinner or fatter with different hair, eye and skin colors, but they all had the same internal organs and the Aladren figured that those with health issues that were caused by heredity didn't make it to have more children with those issues but then again some people were only carriers because they had had those children to start with. Not to mention physical ailments not caused by heredity that left people able to live well into adulthood and capable of having kids such as asthma.

Emerald wondered whether Jemima Wolseithcrafte was grateful for that one or not. She knew the seventh year to have a relatively large family, only one child less than her own set of siblings, but maybe it was different to be a fourth child than a first.

However, what she was really curious about with regards to evolution was personality characteristics. If they were similar to physical characteristics surely "weak" personalities would die out but what exactly was considered a "weak" personality? Someone not very forceful? Or shy? Or kind? And what was so great about "stronger" personality types? Some people with strong ones were in all actuality horrible people. Even though Emerald herself wasn't exactly unfailingly kind herself, she knew that it was better to be kind and sweet like Ruby or Owen than an evil brat like Topaz. People like her younger sister were the sorts to seek power and take over and ultimately destroy the meeker or softer types and that wasn't a good thing. A world run by someone like Topaz was a rather awful thought.

She turned to the person next to her. "What do you think? Do you think evolution applies to personality?" Maybe they had some answers and a spirited intellectual conversation was something she'd enjoy.

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    • I can still remember how that music used to make me smile.. — Emerald Brockert,Aladren, Wed Oct 18 16:25
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