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Amelia Layne, Aladren
Sat Oct 21, 2017 17:39

Amelia’s first two years at Sonora had been, all things considered, delightful. There had been hiccups like losing Quidditch matches and forgetting the odd homework assignment, but nothing serious. Her lessons had come easily to her, getting along with her classmates and roommates had come easily to her, nothing too dramatic had happened in her family, and everything had been generally good.

This was why Amelia was not, if she was to be honest, particularly enamored of the prospect of joining Intermediate classes. Logically she knew the lessons were sequenced and divided up and such, but she couldn’t quite get past the fact that they were still lessons where they fifth years would be in the same room as her. They were the first classes, too, that really ‘counted’ – if she screwed up her lessons now, she could screw up her whole life. That was unlikely, of course, but what was likely was that she was going to have to work a lot harder to maintain the same level of performance now, a thought she didn’t meet with the unbridled enthusiasm she thought most would think her House meant she should – though why they would do so, Amelia could scarcely guess. Yes, Aladrens were supposed to love learning, but they were also supposed to be logical, and that meant that the path which promoted the greatest rewards with the least efforts, to her way of thinking.

Of course, in fairness, she had to acknowledge a couple of things. One was that she was not exactly applying formal logic to the problem. Another was that it was entirely possible that other Aladrens simply didn’t perceive an increase in difficulty – that she wasn’t in her House so much because she was of a type as because she wasn’t of three other types. She preferred not to think too much about that, though, and luckily, Intermediate classes gave her plenty of other topics to put her mind to.

One was the theory of evolution. Amelia nodded through the introductory remarks and looked at the cloth she was supposed to be turning into lichen, thinking this task probably wouldn’t be that bad, but that the fifth years were doomed. Amelia admittedly knew little about orchids except that they were infamously finicky and hard to keep alive and that some people collected them, but even this was enough to know that they looked more like miniature trees than like any sort of handkerchief….

She was distracted from this line of thinking by Emerald. “I…huh,” said Amelia, thinking about the question and trying to quickly organize some ideas. Her first thought was God, I hope not - she loved her family, but there was no denying that Mama was kind of a head case, Lionel was too easygoing for his own good, Granddad and Grandmother and Aunt Emily and Uncle Geoff and Alicia were all a bit neurotic, and God alone knew what sort of person Amelia’s father had been. Then she realized that was heredity, not evolution, and that in fairness, she couldn’t argue that line – more than half of those people had managed to reproduce, after all, and Alicia presumably at least occasionally did things that could at least in theory have that result. That left her to look quickly for a new line, which she fortunately was able to find before she made herself look stupid taking one of the first ones that had occurred to her.

“I guess it depends – kind of – on what you mean ‘personality’?” she said. That didn’t make sense, though – did it? “I mean, personality’s a lot of things put together, right? And you have to teach babies how to behave or they don’t know, so some of what we just – naturally do, if you keep naturally doing it that way, then you aren’t going to get along with people and that means you’re probably not going to have babies with them.”

Well, logically, that assumption worked, anyway. However, Amelia’s family history suggested that it didn’t always work that neatly in reality. However, that certainly wasn’t something she was going to discuss with Emerald. Their dormitory worked on a delicate balance, she thought, which involved a lot of not acknowledging that Emerald’s family was doing just fine, Flo’s wasn’t really doing well at all, and Amelia’s didn’t even really exist by the standards of Emerald’s, Flo’s, or Kit’s…..

“What do you think?” she asked.

  • I can still remember how that music used to make me smile..Emerald Brockert,Aladren, Wed Oct 18 16:25
    Emerald was really looking forward to being an Intermediate this year. It was so exciting to be moving on to more challenging and more interesting topics. Okay, so she would have to be in the same... more
    • La-da-di-da-da-di-da-da. — Amelia Layne, Aladren, Sat Oct 21 17:39
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