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Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw
I’m petrified. No seriously. This is a panic attack.
Tue Nov 21, 2017 15:50

Jozua was not expecting much from today’s Transfiguration lesson. It was theory, and while he could follow most theory discussions without too many headaches, he much preferred practical work. However, when Skies explained the topic of the theory being discussed, he sat up straight and looked outright alarmed. He knew altogether too much about experimental methodologies, and he’d lost his house to one such experiment gone very wrong last summer. If his grandfather, a professional inventor, could have things go that badly for him, Jozua was terrified to think what might happen if an entire class of untrained Intermediate students started messing around with untested spellwork.

Though, to be fair, there was only one Sparks in this classroom, so the chance of catastrophic failure may not be as bad as all that, but the fact remained that there was one Sparks and Jozua didn’t want to actually explode the school.

His wand was aspen with a dragon heartstring, a volatile enough combination that he could get away with occasional sparks and smoke and flames in Charms and Transfiguration during normal lessons without the teachers thinking he was doing it on purpose. In DADA, it was harder to get away with it, because Pye and Nash knew how good he was at dueling club, but even there, he could sometimes make it look accidental.

He was petrified that this lesson might actually cause genuinely accidental destruction and this time, since he wasn’t going to be in control of it, it might hurt someone. Sonora wasn’t a Pheonix House like his own home. It wouldn’t get everyone out to safety at the first whiff of trouble.

“I can’t do this,” he said when he registered that Skies was no longer talking. He was reigning in panic, but not well. He did not actually know what the specific lesson was even about because his distressed brain had shut down and stopped listening shortly after the word ‘experimental’ had come up, but that was enough information to hold him frozen in place.

“Don’t make me do this,” he said, not even sure who he was talking to - Skies, probably, but he’d done nothing to try to attract her attention first, so it was unlikely she was listening. “I don’t want to do this. Nobody wants me to do this. I’m a Sparks.” He thought that bore repeating so, he did. “I’m a Sparks.” This was a wizarding school. Didn’t they know what that meant? Didn’t they know Sparks were brilliant but destructive inventors? Didn’t they know Sparks blew up entire towns in the course of their experiments??!

  • Intermediates - she blinded me with scienceProfessor Skies, Fri Nov 17 16:27
    “Good morning,” Selina greeted the intermediate class. Today they were probably in for a pleasant surprise. Whilst this lesson was down on their timetable as ‘theory’ it was going to be quite a... more
    • It's poetry in motion.Joe Umland, Teppenpaw, Thu Nov 30 21:10
      Experimental methodology was a pair of words Joe regarded without confusion, or even – entirely – lack of interest (he often wondered how, exactly, he had ended up in Teppenpaw and not Aladren; the... more
    • Science! Yes!Zevalyn Ives, Aladren, Wed Nov 22 11:53
      As she always did, Zevalyn Ives took a seat in the front row. She hadn’t been a front row seater back in normal middle school, but that changed last year. With the amount of extra help she needed,... more
      • I'm happy for you.Tasha DuBois,Aladren, Thu Nov 30 18:34
        Tasha settled in her seat for Transfiguration. She usually enjoyed this class quite a bit, though she supposed that was true for all her classes. It was going to be hard to choose which ones to... more
        • Oh? What was the fair like? Sounds fun!Zevalyn Ives, Wed Jan 3 15:50
          “I guess so!” Zevalyn agreed happily, still grinning at the girl sitting next to her. Tasha, she thought, was her name, but she wasn’t certain enough of it to use it. “What was that?” she asked with... more
          • It was!Tasha, Sat Jan 6 16:50
            Tasha nodded. "It was a lot of fun. I was in the Ethiopia group. " It had been great, as she had developed a love of Ethiopian food and made friends with Joe. Until then, she hadn't had any friends... more
    • I’m petrified. No seriously. This is a panic attack. — Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Tue Nov 21 15:50
      • That doesn't sound goodRaine Collindale, Teppenpaw, Sun Nov 26 08:47
        Raine’s standard method for dealing with class was to keep her head down and just do as she was told, as best she could. It didn’t always work, because sometimes she found the work too difficult, or... more
        • No, it’s an unpleasant load of baggageJozua, Tue Nov 28 10:23
          Jozua flinched slightly as someone touched him. Fortunately, he did not yelp or draw a wand or do anything else to draw further attention from anyone else. He drew in a deep a breath and turned to... more
          • How about we put it down?Raine, Wed Nov 29 02:20
            “Um…” was all Raine managed to Jozua’s comment about not panicking or blowing up the school together, followed by “Oh,” at the rest of his explanation. “I’m sorry about your house. Was anyone hurt?”... more
            • Great plan. Where?Jozua, Wed Nov 29 09:34
              Jozua sighed and relaxed his cross-armed stance as she asked in concern after the well being of his family. “Nah,” he said, shaking his head. “We’re Sparks. My great great granddad figured out how to ... more
              • Chuck it out the window?Raine, Thu Nov 30 09:18
                “Those sound very interesting,” Raine commented with a smile, as Jozua explained about his house. She wanted to tell him how nice it was to meet someone else who thought in usual ways, or at least... more
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