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Professor Skies
Beginners - swapping wands for pencils
Fri Nov 24, 2017 13:20

“Good morning,” Selina greeted the beginners. “You can put your wands away. We’ll be making poster presentations for the rest of this week.

“As you’ve learnt by now, design often plays an important part in Transfiguration. Creating beautiful and elaborate patterns, or changing the colour of the object you’re working on will always gain you more credit. You may also have noticed by now, that you can achieve some of the same effects in Charms - colour change being a good example. Simply put, a Charm changes something’s attributes, and thus the colour change charm is a temporary effect, whilst in Transfiguration you are changing the properties of that object. For those of you raised in the Muggle world, think of a colour change charm as being like dyeing your hair. It’s superficial and temporary. A colour change brought about by Transfiguration… Well, there isn’t really a Muggle equivalent. It’d be like being able to change your DNA so that you started growing brown hair instead of blonde. To my knowledge, Muggle science has not yet achieved this,” she added, scanning the room for some sort of confirmation. Muggle science did tend to move forward in unexpected leaps and bounds, and it was very hard to keep up, especially as she only dabbled in it. “If you didn’t understand the examples I just used, it might be good to find a classmate to work with who does,” she prompted. There were those who would be bound to ignore her, of course, and stick to their own kind, but she liked to try to encourage the children to mix, to learn from each other’s different experiences, all of which were valuable in different ways. There were sometimes a few Purebloods who were very willing, and having a little license from the teacher helped them to step outside the normal society rules - after all, an authority figure had told them to do it. She would be interested to see which ones did…

“On your poster, you should include two types of decorative or appearance related traits you can produce by Transfiguration. At least one of them should have a comparable charm. If both do, you can write about both charms. I’d also like a bit of information about why things are categorised the way the are,” she had more or less answered this with her example, but it never hurt to have a bit of repetition and to get them practising putting it into their own words, “and why we have multiple spells that seem to do the same job. You can work in pairs or threes for this task. There are plenty of art materials and additional books available at the back of the room.” Behind her, the chalk scribbled notes on the board, reminding the class of the instructions for the day.

OOC - Posts must be 200 words minimum. They will be graded on the quality of your writing, not how well you claim your character does at a task. Points are awarded for relevance, realism, creativity and length. With the theory, you are free to get creative, including making up spells that are likely to exist, even if they are never specifically mentioned. If you are unsure, talk it out in chatzy, especially with me (under Dorian Montoir/Jemima Wolseithcrafte) or Professor Wright (Tatiana) if it involved inventing things about Charms.

    • I do not understand your examples.Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Tue Nov 28 22:04
      Transfiguration was, it had to be said, a subject with its compensations. Tatiana enjoyed the challenge, and even more enjoyed the opportunity – or, perhaps more often, at least the prospect – to... more
      • But do you understand what glitter is?Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus, Thu Nov 30 14:03
        Jasmine felt a bit apprehensive about being told to put away her wand at the start of transfiguration class. Were they have a pop quiz? She was so not ready for a pop quiz. Fortunately, she didn’t... more
        • Oh, yes.Tatiana, Thu Nov 30 14:39
          Tatiana nodded without any particular emphasis when Jasmine said that her mama and uncle were Muggleborn. In Russia, she had gathered from her history lessons, the situation was different – many... more
          • “I don’t know,” Jasmine commiserated in equal frustration at the teacher’s need to sound clever and smart instead of just saying things that made sense. Skies was head of Crotalus now, but Jasmine... more
            • Yay, understanding!Tatiana, Thu Nov 30 19:25
              Perhaps her plan was great, but Tatiana quickly came to the conclusion that the specifics of the plan were not things which Professor Skies had anticipated when choosing the specific art supplies to... more
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