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Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari
I do not understand your examples.
Tue Nov 28, 2017 22:04

Transfiguration was, it had to be said, a subject with its compensations. Tatiana enjoyed the challenge, and even more enjoyed the opportunity – or, perhaps more often, at least the prospect – to make things beautiful and colorful, more like home. At home, it was hard to find plain things; not only were the silver or pewter holders their tea glasses fit into elaborately patterned with engraving and openwork, but the glasses themselves had abstract floral patterns etched into them. Sonora had its lovely points, but things still sometimes struck her as a bit…monochromatic.

Transfiguration was also, however, a subject with a lot of difficulty theory. Tatiana knew it would have been difficult no matter what, but she strongly suspected that working in her second language was not making it any easier. She had books on the theory in Russian, which helped her study, but they were of limited use in class and there were times when every other word Professor Skies used went straight over her head. It had gotten easier, so she didn’t dread the sound of the professor’s voice as much as she once had, but it was two sentences in when she realized that today was not going to be one of the days when she understood too many of the words used.

Elabbarate. Tatiana didn’t know that one, but she did know beautiful and pattern, so that was all right. Superficial, though? Deeennay? Sy-ens? This was jibberish….

She took some small comfort from the part she understood about how it was possibly a Muggle thing and that she, as someone without Muggle parents, wouldn’t have understood it in Russian either, and the notes going up on the board helped immensely, but it was still getting things off on the wrong foot and she grimaced a bit at her notebook before looking up to look for a partner.

“I do not know the words she used,” she admitted baldly to the first person who didn’t look prepared to flee at the prospect of working with her on a project that was going to involve writing stuff down. “Do I understand the assignment – compare charm and Tranferation?” Tatiana bit her lip. “I do not understand – all these spells change appearance, yes? Sometimes Charms do, sometimes do not, but here – all do, yes?” Tatiana thought that was fairly elementary; Transfiguration made a thing stop being one thing and become another. This obviously changed its appearance. Of course, color could be the same or not, she supposed, but often was not. Having the same color at the end meant she had done it wrong most of the time, or not right enough, which was much the same thing. Her one exception to this principle involved correct placements of the words ‘a’ and ‘the,’ and classwork was rather more important than that.

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    • I do not understand your examples. — Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Tue Nov 28 22:04
      • But do you understand what glitter is?Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus, Thu Nov 30 14:03
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        • Oh, yes.Tatiana, Thu Nov 30 14:39
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            • Yay, understanding!Tatiana, Thu Nov 30 19:25
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