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How about we put it down?
Wed Nov 29, 2017 02:20

“Um…” was all Raine managed to Jozua’s comment about not panicking or blowing up the school together, followed by “Oh,” at the rest of his explanation.

“I’m sorry about your house. Was anyone hurt?” she asked with concern. She assumed that if anyone had been really injured - or worse - he might have led with that, as people’s welfare tended to rank above that of houses. She knew wizards were pretty good at patching themselves, and the things around them back together but that didn’t stop those injuries hurting, or the damage from being frightening.

It also seemed she’d incorrectly guessed the issue, as her problem wasn’t really the same as Jozua’s. She had noticed that he made fire a lot, but he’d never seemed unduly concerned about it before, and lots of people messed up spells in fairly dramatic ways, so it hadn’t stood out to her as a particular danger. She had taken his statement of ‘I can’t do it’ at a more literal face value.

Whilst most other people might have tried to reassure him that they were sure Professor Skies wouldn’t get them to do anything risky, Raine merely nodded sympathetically to his explanation. If asked whether she really thought their professor would set them a dangerous assignment, she would probably have answered in the negative, but it wasn’t in her nature to rush to the defence of the teachers, and to assume that everything they did was right and fair to everyone. The ‘one size fits all’ approach to education - that this was what they needed, what it took to count as ‘clever’ or ‘successful’ - had never particularly suited her, and so she could see how a lesson might fail to take into account someone like Jozua with a slightly unusual problem.

“Well, um, the first bit we have to do is the writing. We could do that together first, and then that will give us some more time to think about what to do to help you.” There were two possibilities… One was that she just did the spells, and Jozua watched and took notes from her. That seemed awfully like cheating though, and in a small class like this, Professor Skies was bound to notice that Jozua hadn’t lifted a wand. Raine’s ears burnt hot with humiliation and embarrassment just thinking about Professor Skies asking them why he wasn’t doing the assignment. Or they could ask Professor Skies whether that would be ok, although Raine’s confidence levels in asking teachers for things, especially things that involved being an exception, where not terribly high. “Do you want to ask Professor Skies about it?” she asked, in a genuinely questioning tone, akin to the one someone might use regarding whether their partner wanted to poke a sleeping dragon.

  • No, it’s an unpleasant load of baggageJozua, Tue Nov 28 10:23
    Jozua flinched slightly as someone touched him. Fortunately, he did not yelp or draw a wand or do anything else to draw further attention from anyone else. He drew in a deep a breath and turned to... more
    • How about we put it down? — Raine, Wed Nov 29 02:20
      • Great plan. Where?Jozua, Wed Nov 29 09:34
        Jozua sighed and relaxed his cross-armed stance as she asked in concern after the well being of his family. “Nah,” he said, shaking his head. “We’re Sparks. My great great granddad figured out how to ... more
        • Chuck it out the window?Raine, Thu Nov 30 09:18
          “Those sound very interesting,” Raine commented with a smile, as Jozua explained about his house. She wanted to tell him how nice it was to meet someone else who thought in usual ways, or at least... more
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