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Great plan. Where?
Wed Nov 29, 2017 09:34

Jozua sighed and relaxed his cross-armed stance as she asked in concern after the well being of his family. “Nah,” he said, shaking his head. “We’re Sparks. My great great granddad figured out how to make houses that could get everybody out safely in the event of an explosion and make the rebuilding process super quick and easy. It’s called a Pheonix House. I think we still have a patent on them but they’re not real popular since they burn up fast and take all your stuff with them. Well, except what you put in the special evacuation bins, but nobody remembers to keep those up to date.” Jozua hadn’t at any rate. “They are the safest option if you have an inventor’s lab in the basement, though.”

He heaved a heavy sigh and pulled out his quill and some parchment. “Well, I guess I can do the written part,” he agreed with her reasonable suggestion to start there and work up to the dangerous part. “After that, we can decide if I’m up to the rest of it, or if I need to beg Skies for an exemption.” He thought he might have a good case, him being a Sparks and all, and Mom had surely informed the school of what had happened last June, since he’d lost all of his old class notes with the house.

He primed his quill to write then realized he was missing critical information. “Erm, what are we supposed to be writing about? I kind of stopped listening after the words ‘experimental methodology,’” he admitted ruefully. “I assume we need a hypothesis, but what are we hypothesizing about?”

  • How about we put it down?Raine, Wed Nov 29 02:20
    “Um…” was all Raine managed to Jozua’s comment about not panicking or blowing up the school together, followed by “Oh,” at the rest of his explanation. “I’m sorry about your house. Was anyone hurt?”... more
    • Great plan. Where? — Jozua, Wed Nov 29 09:34
      • Chuck it out the window?Raine, Thu Nov 30 09:18
        “Those sound very interesting,” Raine commented with a smile, as Jozua explained about his house. She wanted to tell him how nice it was to meet someone else who thought in usual ways, or at least... more
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