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Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus
But do you understand what glitter is?
Thu Nov 30, 2017 14:03

Jasmine felt a bit apprehensive about being told to put away her wand at the start of transfiguration class. Were they have a pop quiz? She was so not ready for a pop quiz. Fortunately, she didn’t have to worry long before she learned the were making posters instead. That was good. Jasmine liked posters.

Of course the topic of the posters was a bit confusing. She understood enough of what Professor Skies was saying to know she had no idea at all what the Professor was talking about. It was Science, and therefore Something Daniel Probably Knew About, but not really of any interest to her. She didn’t think it was terribly important anyway. They were making posters. As long as they looked pretty and repeated some phrases she could copy from her textbook, she was sure she’d do fine.

This lack of worry made her smile when she caught the eye of Tatiana, and that smile seemed all the invitation Tatiana needed to unleash her own concerns about the assignment.

“I’ve heard them before,” Jasmine admitted, fairly sure that being a half-blood (sort of) put her solidly in Skies’ category of ‘a classmate who understands my examples’ even if Jasmine’s scientific background was subpar and she didn’t really understand it very well. “My mom and Uncle Daniel are muggleborns,” she added by way of explanation as to how she had encountered such non-wizardly concepts. “I think what she meant was just that Charms is like painting a wood fence to look like it’s made of metal, but transfiguration is really turning the wood fence into a metal fence. The magic goes deeper.”

It seemed like a simple enough idea to her and she didn’t really understand why Skies had to make it sound so complicated and science-y.

“And, yeah, we’re supposed to make a poster about how transfiguration and charms can do the same thing in different ways.” That was the boring part. The important part was this: “Do you think there’s glitter?”

  • I do not understand your examples.Tatiana Vorontsova, Pecari, Tue Nov 28 22:04
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    • But do you understand what glitter is? — Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus, Thu Nov 30 14:03
      • Oh, yes.Tatiana, Thu Nov 30 14:39
        Tatiana nodded without any particular emphasis when Jasmine said that her mama and uncle were Muggleborn. In Russia, she had gathered from her history lessons, the situation was different – many... more
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          • Yay, understanding!Tatiana, Thu Nov 30 19:25
            Perhaps her plan was great, but Tatiana quickly came to the conclusion that the specifics of the plan were not things which Professor Skies had anticipated when choosing the specific art supplies to... more
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