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Oh, yes.
Thu Nov 30, 2017 14:39

Tatiana nodded without any particular emphasis when Jasmine said that her mama and uncle were Muggleborn. In Russia, she had gathered from her history lessons, the situation was different – many still held that regrettable incident with the starets and the Grand Princess against the Muggleborns there – but obviously Jasmine’s family had had nothing to do with that, and it was not altogether uncommon for Muggleborns from Russia to end up, one way or another, living in the village. They did not generally have nice jewelry and they stood in the back when the Mayor led assemblies, but since, by definition, they had not even been in the magical world when some Muggles had killed one of Mama’s great-great-somethings, Tatiana didn’t see any point in thinking much further about it. They were what they were, she was what she was, and Jasmine’s papa was apparently not one of them at all, which made Jasmine something in the middle – and perhaps her mama’s family were something like princes or counts or the like, which would of course make her and her mama something a bit different from, say, Nadezhda and her mother, or Ivan the gardener.

Of course, Tatiana’s opinion on this was not at all affected by how this would also conveniently still allow Tatiana to be friendly with Jasmine instead of just polite and kind, as Mama and Papa agreed it was important to be to common people. Of course not. It was just sound reasoning.

Jasmine’s explanation of what in the world Professor Skies had been babbling about was also sound and Tatiana nodded in relief. “Why she didn’t say that?” she asked, giving a brief, cross glance in the professor’s direction. “I understand that.”

She also understood the word glitter – it was what Dorian had been covered in on his birthday, and what Tatiana had used to make props for plays she and her siblings and cousins had put on before – little bits of shiny paper that were like gold or silver or gems, which made a whole thing sparkle as though it were diamond-cut metal flecked with mosaic jewels. “I hope so,” she said. “Maybe – we use it and paint, paint for the charm, it to pretend something was made real – silver, or jewel?” Tatiana thought it was possible to Transfigure things into silver or jewels, though not real gold. Gold was what alchemists fiddled with, though Tatiana couldn’t see why, if an adult could conjure or Transfigure anything else, one couldn’t at least produce some decent-looking vermeil. She would have to try that out when she was older….

  • But do you understand what glitter is?Jasmine Delachene, Crotalus, Thu Nov 30 14:03
    Jasmine felt a bit apprehensive about being told to put away her wand at the start of transfiguration class. Were they have a pop quiz? She was so not ready for a pop quiz. Fortunately, she didn’t... more
    • Oh, yes. — Tatiana, Thu Nov 30 14:39
      • “I don’t know,” Jasmine commiserated in equal frustration at the teacher’s need to sound clever and smart instead of just saying things that made sense. Skies was head of Crotalus now, but Jasmine... more
        • Yay, understanding!Tatiana, Thu Nov 30 19:25
          Perhaps her plan was great, but Tatiana quickly came to the conclusion that the specifics of the plan were not things which Professor Skies had anticipated when choosing the specific art supplies to... more
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