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Then you understand everything you need to know
Thu Nov 30, 2017 15:34

“I don’t know,” Jasmine commiserated in equal frustration at the teacher’s need to sound clever and smart instead of just saying things that made sense. Skies was head of Crotalus now, but Jasmine would not put it past her to have been an Aladren in her youth. But this was an opinion Jasmine had for almost all of the teachers. Except maybe Professor Xavier. He had probably still been a Teppenpaw way back then.

At least it had just been an analogy. Jasmine wasn’t sure what she would have done if she’d had to explain to Tatiana what DNA actually was. It was something about jeans, she kind of remembered PBS telling her. And how your jeans made you look or something. Generally, Jasmine was in favor of jeans, especially for riding horses, but jeans rarely looked elegant, so if there were no horses to ride, she usually left her jeans in her drawer. She wasn’t quite sure how that applied to science, or transfiguration. (Jeans were just on the surface though, so shouldn’t that have been to do with Charms? Well, she couldn’t remember what Skies had said exactly anymore, so she was probably just getting it all confused anyway.)

Anyway, that was pointless anymore and her wooden fence example was so much better, and the search for glitter and paint was on. “Great idea!” she approved, not quite following Tatiana’s awkward phrasing but certain it must be a brilliant plan if it involved glitter and paint.

“Okay, let’s see if there is any,” she said and went over to where Professor Skies had said the art supplies were. If not, she had said something about it being a week long project, so she could bring some in next class if she had to. She definitely had glitter in her room. Glitter glue, too, if they found they needed anything like that.

“Aha!” Jasmine exclaimed in triumph, finding a bottle of silver glitter underneath a pile of colored poster paper. “Found some!” she cheered, showing it to her partner. “Have you found any paint yet?”

She then noticed what she’d been blind to in her initial quest for the glitter. Poster paper. They would definitely need a sheet of that. “And what color poster board should we use? I see white, yellow, and pink.” Wait, there was more over there. “Oh, and green. Ah, here’s blue, too. And black, but that’ll be too hard to write on. Do you like the pink?” she held up a sheet of the pink poster paper, as that was her favorite of the options.

  • Oh, yes.Tatiana, Thu Nov 30 14:39
    Tatiana nodded without any particular emphasis when Jasmine said that her mama and uncle were Muggleborn. In Russia, she had gathered from her history lessons, the situation was different – many... more
    • Then you understand everything you need to know — Jasmine, Thu Nov 30 15:34
      • Yay, understanding!Tatiana, Thu Nov 30 19:25
        Perhaps her plan was great, but Tatiana quickly came to the conclusion that the specifics of the plan were not things which Professor Skies had anticipated when choosing the specific art supplies to... more
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