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Tasha DuBois,Aladren
I'm happy for you.
Thu Nov 30, 2017 18:34

Tasha settled in her seat for Transfiguration. She usually enjoyed this class quite a bit, though she supposed that was true for all her classes. It was going to be hard to choose which ones to continue with after this year though Transfiguration was a given as was Charms probably. The rest she was less sure about. Part of her wanted to keep COMC so she could be there for Juniper next year, but then she and her cousin had extremely different views on animals. Mostly because the Teppenpaw was a vegetarian and Tasha was...well, not . She accepted that Juniper didn't eat meat and vice versa and had long ago decided against telling her cousin that she had eaten horse meat as Juniper loved horses most of all but her cousin didn't seem to really like working with her in COMC because of these differences.

Besides, the bottom line was that Tasha was more into eating animals than taking care of them.

Professor Skies began the lesson. The Aladren wasn't going to go into this area, but it was still fun to experiment she supposed. Of course, it didn't sound like they were going to be creating new spells themselves but just...doing an old spell a new way. Tasha supposed that made sense, one could hardly expect the third years to do that. It sounded like something more for someone in the advanced classes.

And why pencils? Wizards used quills. Wouldn't it make sense to change a pebble into a quill? Though Tasha supposed pencils would be easier. Plus they didn't need ink the way a quill did.

She was about to start writing out what her the experiment was, when Zevalyn turned to her. The other girl seemed about as excited as Tasha would be if Sonora served menudo and inerja on a regular basis.

The fifth year smiled back. Zevalyn sort of intrigued her in general from her late start at Sonora to her interesting name. "Then I guess you're really in your element today, then? I felt that way about the International Fair a few years ago."

  • Science! Yes!Zevalyn Ives, Aladren, Wed Nov 22 11:53
    As she always did, Zevalyn Ives took a seat in the front row. She hadn’t been a front row seater back in normal middle school, but that changed last year. With the amount of extra help she needed,... more
    • I'm happy for you. — Tasha DuBois,Aladren, Thu Nov 30 18:34
      • Oh? What was the fair like? Sounds fun!Zevalyn Ives, Wed Jan 3 15:50
        “I guess so!” Zevalyn agreed happily, still grinning at the girl sitting next to her. Tasha, she thought, was her name, but she wasn’t certain enough of it to use it. “What was that?” she asked with... more
        • It was!Tasha, Sat Jan 6 16:50
          Tasha nodded. "It was a lot of fun. I was in the Ethiopia group. " It had been great, as she had developed a love of Ethiopian food and made friends with Joe. Until then, she hadn't had any friends... more
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