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Yay, understanding!
Thu Nov 30, 2017 19:25

Perhaps her plan was great, but Tatiana quickly came to the conclusion that the specifics of the plan were not things which Professor Skies had anticipated when choosing the specific art supplies to provide students with. Look as she would, she could not see anything she would really think of as gold or silver paint, or any really shining shades for painting gems. The best she could do were standard colors, and maybe mixing black and white for a greyish color for silver; she made sure to collect extra white for that, as she’d still need the black to stand out enough to put in lines to clearly show settings and the facets of gemstones, if they did put those in somehow. She also grabbed brown to paint something wooden – this could be useful for the ‘before’ pictures in the Charms section – and was picking out brushes when Jasmine emerged triumphant with a bottle of silvery glitter.

“Good,” said Tatiana, smiling briefly too.

Pink was not really Tatiana’s favorite color. Blue and yellow were her favorites, plus she always thought of pink as Katya’s color. The last time Papa had been abroad before Tatiana had come to school, he had come back with each daughter a demi-parure (which in Anya’s case had, by New Year, expanded into a full parure with three different earring options, a brooch, two pairs of bracelets, a ring, and a set of pearl-studded enamel hair combs to go with the necklace, earrings, and bracelet she’d originally received, but Anya was the eldest and her lilac-colored pearls were additionally the most distinctive and unusual of the four colors Papa had brought home) of different-colored freshwater pearls, and Katya’s graduated necklace, trefoil-set stud earrings, and bracelet were all a rosy shade of pink. Katya’s good jewelry, the things they were only allowed to see three times a year until they were grown up, also included several lovely pink emeralds and a single huge, nearly round natural pearl which was more or less the color of a pink-leaning opal – sometimes it was almost lavender, sometimes very pink, sometimes both at once with hints of blue and silver, depending on the light – set as a pendant. Red, Sonia’s favorite color, was one Tatiana did wear occasionally, but she almost never wore pink or lilac unless Mama insisted for some reason, because those colors just belonged to Katya and Anya.

Since she had no real objection to the color, however, she nodded. “Good, good,” she said. She looked about and saw some colored construction paper. “We may use this – make pretty patterns,” she said, drawing the rectangle shape of the poster paper’s edges in the air with one finger. Of course, this would partially depend on whether or not they had time and could locate stencils – Tatiana’s skills only went so far without them, and that was not far enough to really make it look like nice lacquerware or enamel patterning without a stencil to help her – but they had a week, and how long could writing the things down for the work section take, provided Jasmine did the actual work of inscribing the words in English? That would take Tatiana a very long time indeed, but Jasmine had been raised in English and was clever enough to decode what Professor Skies said, so it should be easy for her.

“Now we need spells,” she added with less enthusiasm than she had shown over the art materials. Spells were fun, but any that were of much use in this case were things she couldn’t do yet anyway, and plus, planning was almost always more fun than half the doing anyway. “You have ideas?”

OOC: Jewelry education time – “parure” is a fancy word for “set of jewelry meant to be worn together; matched set of jewelry.” The exact line between what is a parure and what is a demi-parure is...inexact, but generally a demi-parure at the very least does not include a tiara or hair combs, which often appeared in historical parures. “Pink emeralds” is a pureblood’s way of describing morganites, pink jewels named after a famous Muggle financier and mineral collector, J.P. “Jupiter” Morgan, and classified as part of the beryl family, which also includes green emeralds.

  • “I don’t know,” Jasmine commiserated in equal frustration at the teacher’s need to sound clever and smart instead of just saying things that made sense. Skies was head of Crotalus now, but Jasmine... more
    • Yay, understanding! — Tatiana, Thu Nov 30 19:25
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