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It was!
Sat Jan 6, 2018 16:50

Tasha nodded. "It was a lot of fun. I was in the Ethiopia group. " It had been great, as she had developed a love of Ethiopian food and made friends with Joe. Until then, she hadn't had any friends at school or really, her age either since she'd spent most of her childhood in the company of adults. She'd always been travelling and in the company of her parents, tutors and nannies as well as friends and business associates of her parents.

Still, despite those early interactions primarily with adults, and not much with other kids, she wouldn't trade those experiences for anything. Tasha had seen and done so much more than her peers and it was one of those things that made her different than them. She had more overall life experience and this was even true compared to some other purebloods her age.

"I'm really into travelling and I've been to lots of other countries, so it was really exciting for me. My parents even took me to Ethiopia for midterm that year." Tasha explained. She wasn't bragging when she said things like this, it was just that it was a simple fact of her life and she couldn't really talk about herself without bringing it up. "I really like trying different foods and exploring different cultures."

She went on. "Anyway, sometimes we do have fun events here. That one was the best though. I also enjoyed last year's concert because I'm in the orchestra. I think we're going to play for the bonfire too. So what do you like to do besides science?" Tasha asked the other Aladren.

  • Oh? What was the fair like? Sounds fun!Zevalyn Ives, Wed Jan 3 15:50
    “I guess so!” Zevalyn agreed happily, still grinning at the girl sitting next to her. Tasha, she thought, was her name, but she wasn’t certain enough of it to use it. “What was that?” she asked with... more
    • It was! — Tasha, Sat Jan 6 16:50
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