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Owen Brockert,Teppenpaw
Mon Jan 8, 2018 17:18

Owen sat down and tried to catch his breath . He wasn't really feeling all that great today at all, but with RATS in front of him and family honor at stake, he'd forced his way to Transfiguration. Honestly, he probably should have gone to the Hospital Wing but Owen figured that either way, it would involve walking and aggravating his asthma further. He truthfully really wanted to stay in bed but he thought that if he did, he'd get in trouble for skipping class.

Actually, the Teppenpaw had been having a rough time with his asthma in general lately, like the past week and a half or so. He'd even missed a few classes and didn't think it was a good idea to miss more. Not with, as they were so very constantly reminded, RATS-and exams-coming up. They'd be here before Owen knew it.

Still, the stress was getting to him. RATS and exams and graduating and all the changes that were about to take place in his life. Even with things he had to be excited about, he couldn't help but feel anxious and overwhelmed. Being an adult was complicated and the seventh year felt rather intimidated by it.

And stress could trigger asthma. It didn't happen that often that that was what triggered because Owen rarely had periods of stress. There had been some when he first was going to Sonora-which had been an endless source of worry to his mother which in turn made him more overall anxious, he'd even been a little afraid she wasn't going to let him go after all-and during CATS but generally speaking, he had it pretty good. Okay, there were Head Boy duties too, but Owen had been handling those just fine. It wasn't as if he'd had to do anything like lead a Challenge team or concert group so there wasn't all that much added pressure. He didn't even have to lead a dance at the ball, not that that would have been a problem because usually stress came from not having anyone to dance with and he had Jemima.

A coughing fit struck the Teppenpaw and his chest felt really tight. He grabbed his inhaler and used it. He didn't really want to go to the Hospital Wing again-for one thing, Medic Eir was the second scariest person he knew and for another, he at the very least needed to be able to make it there and walking would aggravate it more-but he had the feeling he might have no choice.

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    • Breathless — Owen Brockert,Teppenpaw, Mon Jan 8 17:18
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