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Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw
I’m sorry. It was an accident.
Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:47

Jozua had skipped out of his first transfiguration class of the year. It had come too soon after The Charms Disaster, and he had decided it was probably safest for everyone if he just didn’t go. It was the first day back, after all, how much were they really likely to cover anyway? He’d gotten the homework from Finn and owled Professor Skies to give his excuses and ask for the syllabus so he felt he was no worse off today than if he’d gone.

Still, he was sitting in the back, avoiding eye contact, and trying to keep his head down after his spectacular display yesterday. So far he had managed to avoid further scenes today and he hoped that continued through the rest of the day, and ideally through the rest of his life, but he doubted he was that lucky.

At least Transfiguration could always be counted on to be engaging and challenging. He was pretty sure he’d made flowers before from something inanimate but as Professor Skies said, it could always be made more complex. And Jozua had only rarely worked ahead of his grade level so tulips from a plastic rod was new, too.

He didn’t write out a transfiguration table; he was a fifth year and that seemed a bit rudimentary to him now, but he considered what he wanted his final product to look like, and mentally noted the changes necessary to reach it. He was going to challenge himself. Make a full potted plant with roots and dirt and everything. He didn’t expect it to work on the first try; the whole point of his ambitious goal was so he could keep working on his assignment for a long time and have a reasonable excuse for not engaging in too much small talk with his neighbors.

Elicio tulipa,” he cast and frowned in irritation at the plastic stick that was still sitting, completely unchanged, on his desk in front of him. He hadn’t expected it to be perfect, but he had expected something to happen. He might not be the world’s greatest transfiguration student, but he consistently pulled Es. And he was a fifth year. This was hardly his first plant rodeo. Something should have happened.

Elicio tulipa!” he cast again, snapping his wand too fast and large, throwing too much anger into the casting.

His wand reacted the way it always did when he moved it too grandly. The anger and frustration made it worse. Fire spilled out, uncontrolled and unintentional for once, and Jozua jumped back, toppling his chair over backwards and letting out a startled cry. But as fast as the flames came, they were gone just as quickly as accidental magic rushed from him again, the second time in as many days, but this time at least being useful and quenching the fire before it could do more than scorch the plastic rod and his desk a little bit.

He stood still where he had startled to and stared in horror at the scorched black spots where he had been sitting. That had been an explosive burst. That could have really hurt someone if it hadn’t been put down so quickly. He felt the blood drain from his face and his hands start shaking. He unsteadily tucked his wand away into its sleeve holster, deciding he wasn’t fit to be using it right now.

He turned his head to meet the eyes of the Professor. “I’m sorry,” he said softly. “It was an accident.” And for the first time since first year, it was true.

  • “Good morning,” Selina greeted the intermediates. She always found the intermediates vaguely stressful… They’d got over their newness and shyness, which meant some of them were getting complacent or... more
    • I am a good person Winston Pierce, Crotalus, Wed Feb 21 11:19
      Winston wasn’t sure what was going on this year, but he blamed Jozua Sparks for it. He’d been the center of both the Charms episode and now the Transfiguration episode. One would think a guy who runs ... more
      • Good for you.Emerald Brockert,Aladren, Thu Feb 22 11:36
        This was the last year that Emerald would be able to get away from Topaz for the majority of the year. Next year, the little monster would be attending her first year at Sonora and she'd probably be... more
        • You’re a Good Person(TM), tooWinston Pierce, Wed Mar 14 12:13
          Winston put his tulip aside for later grading once Professor Skies was done dealing with the more troublesome members of the class. He smiled in commiseration toward Emerald who he had been lucky... more
          • Aw, thanks. I appreciate that.Emerald, Thu Apr 5 17:35
            She was pleased to hear Winston's agreement. When the initial conflict had happened, two older students acted like Lily's behavior was perfectly okay. How would they have felt if it had been a member ... more
    • What is happening in this class?Isaac Song, Pecari, Sat Feb 17 20:29
      Things were fun in Intermediate classes this year. Now Isaac was in the middle year and performed magic that was a lot more interesting, but not as hard as the fifth-years. If he wanted to challenge... more
    • Professor Skies – your hair!Lily Spencer, Pecari, Sat Feb 17 02:06
      If Lily had been more academic, she would’ve searched the library for any answers to her best mate’s predicament. She might’ve asked professors or older classmates instead, but the incident was... more
      • Act. Your. Age. Professor Skies, Sun Feb 18 22:29
        She had just finishing dealing with Jozua Sparks when there was an uproar of laughter. The timing, and volume of laughter, didn’t suggest it was to do with seeing a classmate getting a dressing down, ... more
    • I’m sorry. It was an accident. — Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Tue Feb 13 10:47
      • Was it now?Professor Skies, Wed Feb 14 21:00
        Selina had remained blissfully ignorant of Jozua’s pyrotechnic display in Charms. It being a magical school, such occurrences were not unheard of, especially from him, and if the staff had had to... more
        • Oh geez, thank you very muchGeorgia Kirkly, Teppenpaw, Wed Feb 14 21:30
          Georgia knew it wasn’t very prefectly to sit in the back row. She was supposed to be all responsible, keen bean, example to the rest now. But there were some days where the anonymity of the back row... more
          • A Danger to Himself and OthersJozua, Thu Feb 15 10:43
            Getting dressed down for fire related infractions was old hat for Jozua, but it was somewhat easier to look miserable and contrite when it really was an accident. He’d been hold his wand, even if it... more
            • Yeah, I'm getting that vibeGeorgia, Fri Feb 16 07:26
              “Wow. That’s incredibly unreassuring,” Georgia deadpanned, when Jozua basically said he was wildly out of control and had no explanation. “And… kinda sucky. Hope it gets better,” she added, feeling... more
              • I am kinda scaryJozua Sparks, Thu Feb 22 13:57
                “No kidding,” Jozua muttered when Georgia told him he was not reassuring her. At least she seemed to understand that he couldn’t do the lesson after that . . . whatever that was. “Thanks,” he added... more
                • That's not an excuseProfessor Skies, Fri Mar 2 23:27
                  Ok. Hair back to normal. Class back under… something approaching control, she hoped. Jozua raised his hand, and she made her way over. It didn’t escape her notice that there was still nothing but a... more
                  • I’ll take that zero and detention nowJozua, Tue Apr 10 14:55
                    Jozua stiffened his back as Professor Skies not only refused to allow him to leave, but also suggested he try the third year assignment. Didn’t she understand that he was too dangerous to trust with... more
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