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Professor Skies
Was it now?
Wed Feb 14, 2018 21:00

Selina had remained blissfully ignorant of Jozua’s pyrotechnic display in Charms. It being a magical school, such occurrences were not unheard of, especially from him, and if the staff had had to report every scorch or scratch to her, she would have been inundated. Short of someone losing a limb or a classroom being burnt down, the incidents of the day did not reach her, unless she happened to have a casual ‘how was your day?’ type conversation with the staff member in question. She had decided that the staff had probably seen rather enough of her and been willing to both give them some space and take some for herself.

She didn’t notice Jozua’s mood - teenage boys sitting in the back row with their heads down weren’t exactly unusual. The first thing she noticed was the huge flash of fire, followed by him quickly putting it out.

I’m sorry. It was an accident.

On the one hand, Jozua did seem genuinely startled. And he’d also put the fire out straight away. But what Daniel had said to her during their conversation at the start of term nagged at the back of her mind… He might have meant to do something less serious, and put it out when he realised his little practical joke had got out of hand. And if Daniel was right that Jozua kept doing this kind of thing on purpose, he’d probably be quite good at seeming sincerely sorry about it by now. Her eyes flicked down the row he was sitting in. She couldn’t help but notice, Cleo, who seemed to have adopted the back corner. She wasn’t exactly radiating anything except misery but who really knew? And there were two other students between her and Jozua, but both were female.

“I should hope so,” she replied evenly, deciding that it was best to remain neutral. Not blaming Jozua for something that might not be entirely his fault, but not saying anything that would have him thinking he’d got away with it if there was a guilty little conscience in there that knew something she didn’t.

“I’d like to point out you are sitting next to a prefect,” she added. A prefect who wasn’t his best friend and co-conspirator. “If anything funny seems to be going on, I trust you’ll let me know about it,” she added to the girl next to Jozua. She repaired the scorch marks with a wave of her wand, and left them to it, though she would be keeping an eye on them for the rest of the lesson.

  • I’m sorry. It was an accident.Jozua Sparks, Teppenpaw, Tue Feb 13 10:47
    Jozua had skipped out of his first transfiguration class of the year. It had come too soon after The Charms Disaster, and he had decided it was probably safest for everyone if he just didn’t go. It... more
    • Was it now? — Professor Skies, Wed Feb 14 21:00
      • Oh geez, thank you very muchGeorgia Kirkly, Teppenpaw, Wed Feb 14 21:30
        Georgia knew it wasn’t very prefectly to sit in the back row. She was supposed to be all responsible, keen bean, example to the rest now. But there were some days where the anonymity of the back row... more
        • A Danger to Himself and OthersJozua, Thu Feb 15 10:43
          Getting dressed down for fire related infractions was old hat for Jozua, but it was somewhat easier to look miserable and contrite when it really was an accident. He’d been hold his wand, even if it... more
          • Yeah, I'm getting that vibeGeorgia, Fri Feb 16 07:26
            “Wow. That’s incredibly unreassuring,” Georgia deadpanned, when Jozua basically said he was wildly out of control and had no explanation. “And… kinda sucky. Hope it gets better,” she added, feeling... more
            • I am kinda scaryJozua Sparks, Thu Feb 22 13:57
              “No kidding,” Jozua muttered when Georgia told him he was not reassuring her. At least she seemed to understand that he couldn’t do the lesson after that . . . whatever that was. “Thanks,” he added... more
              • That's not an excuseProfessor Skies, Fri Mar 2 23:27
                Ok. Hair back to normal. Class back under… something approaching control, she hoped. Jozua raised his hand, and she made her way over. It didn’t escape her notice that there was still nothing but a... more
                • I’ll take that zero and detention nowJozua, Tue Apr 10 14:55
                  Jozua stiffened his back as Professor Skies not only refused to allow him to leave, but also suggested he try the third year assignment. Didn’t she understand that he was too dangerous to trust with... more
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