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Yeah, I'm getting that vibe
Fri Feb 16, 2018 07:26

“Wow. That’s incredibly unreassuring,” Georgia deadpanned, when Jozua basically said he was wildly out of control and had no explanation. “And… kinda sucky. Hope it gets better,” she added, feeling she should offer some sympathy, even though her main emotion was freaking the hell out.

She blinked as Jozua said… a lot of things. That he was prone to fire (which she kind of knew). That he was going to flat out refuse to participate (which was bound to become her problem too as soon as Skies noticed, which she wasn’t looking forward to but she could also see the merit in not being on fire). And that his house had got blown up.

“Crap. That’s…. Jesus,” casual swearing seemed about the most articulate way she was going to be able to react to that news. So had he been like… homeless then? Or could his family just magic it all better? She was curious but decided that now was not really the time to ask. Jozua looked sort of pissed off about everything, and apparently he himself had no idea what might set him off like a firework again. Or just cause him to set things on fire.

“You’re kinda scary,” she decided. “And by the way, I wouldn’t. Tattle, I mean,” should she have said that? If he was doing it on purpose, he’d now feel like he could get away with it in front of her. But from how he was reacting, he either really had no idea what was happening or deserved an Oscar.

She turned to her own project, trying to focus. At least if Professor Skies came to yell at Jozua again, she might have something to show, which would hopefully excuse her over not galvanising the stubborn boy beside her to work. The first thing was to focus. Which was easier said than done. But probably easier than if Jozua had actually been swishing his wand about.

“Elicio Tulipa,” she cast. The plastic rod rippled and went green and… bumpy. It was a fairly horrific start. She blamed him entirely.

  • A Danger to Himself and OthersJozua, Thu Feb 15 10:43
    Getting dressed down for fire related infractions was old hat for Jozua, but it was somewhat easier to look miserable and contrite when it really was an accident. He’d been hold his wand, even if it... more
    • Yeah, I'm getting that vibe — Georgia, Fri Feb 16 07:26
      • I am kinda scaryJozua Sparks, Thu Feb 22 13:57
        “No kidding,” Jozua muttered when Georgia told him he was not reassuring her. At least she seemed to understand that he couldn’t do the lesson after that . . . whatever that was. “Thanks,” he added... more
        • That's not an excuseProfessor Skies, Fri Mar 2 23:27
          Ok. Hair back to normal. Class back under… something approaching control, she hoped. Jozua raised his hand, and she made her way over. It didn’t escape her notice that there was still nothing but a... more
          • I’ll take that zero and detention nowJozua, Tue Apr 10 14:55
            Jozua stiffened his back as Professor Skies not only refused to allow him to leave, but also suggested he try the third year assignment. Didn’t she understand that he was too dangerous to trust with... more
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