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Professor Skies
Act. Your. Age.
Sun Feb 18, 2018 22:29

She had just finishing dealing with Jozua Sparks when there was an uproar of laughter. The timing, and volume of laughter, didn’t suggest it was to do with seeing a classmate getting a dressing down, which would at best raise a smirk and a giggle. And, when she turned to see who was causing the commotion, she found it was Lily, who was very unlikely to be laughing at her best friend. Unless she was laughing because she knew Jozua was doing it on purpose…

“And what exactly is so funny, Ms. Spencer?” she asked. Selina’s mid-length blonde hair was always tied back into a ponytail during classes, meaning that she currently couldn’t see it. “Whatever it is, I really expect a prefect to set a better example,” she glared. Of course, Lily had rather earnt her status as prefect by default, being the only member of her house and year. The only time such candidates were skipped over were if they were deemed extremely unsuitable. Lily was certainly flighty and immature, but she had been deemed capable of the basic minimum skills needed to be a prefect, although Selina had to say she was currently doubting that.

She happened to glance up at that point, and caught sight of her own reflection. Really! This was getting ridiculous. A quick ‘finite’ had her back to its usual blonde but did nothing to reduce her mounting irritation with the intermediate class.

“Right, everyone,” she called, getting their attention, “Enough is enough. You are intermediates, now behave like it. I don’t want to hear any more ‘it was an accident.’ You are all old enough to control your magic, and that excuse is not going to fly. If anything else happens in this class, you will receive a group detention. Maybe that will motivate you all to work out who the trouble makers are, and then they might not seem so cool and so funny anymore," she knew it was pointless to test their wands - whoever had coloured her hair, if they had any sense, would have immediately done the class spell afterwards so that they couldn't be caught out by priori incantatem. "Now, get on with your assignments.”

  • Professor Skies – your hair!Lily Spencer, Pecari, Sat Feb 17 02:06
    If Lily had been more academic, she would’ve searched the library for any answers to her best mate’s predicament. She might’ve asked professors or older classmates instead, but the incident was... more
    • Act. Your. Age. — Professor Skies, Sun Feb 18 22:29
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