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Professor Skies
That's not an excuse
Fri Mar 2, 2018 23:27

Ok. Hair back to normal. Class back under… something approaching control, she hoped. Jozua raised his hand, and she made her way over. It didn’t escape her notice that there was still nothing but a plastic stick in front of him.

“No, you may not,” she frowned. Send him off to the duelling room to practise? And what, just trust that he - a student who had just disrupted her class - was going to get on quietly whilst unsupervised. She wasn’t even sure whether he meant practise his classwork, or practise duelling to deal with his ‘wand issues.’ Did he really think that would work? Cause so much trouble that he was sent out for some free time. Not likely. It was such a bizarre suggestion that she wondered whether it was merely a diversion, and she tried to keep an eye on the rest of the class, “Unless you’ve been severely mistreating your wand, it’s very unlikely to have developed a fault. And, if it has, it would be incredibly dangerous to leave you without appropriate supervision.

“If you don’t feel properly in control of your magic, you can do the fourth year assignment - or even the third year one,” if he was going to be childish, she was more than willing to treat him like a child. Perhaps the embarrassment of doing work two grade levels beneath him would make him buck up his ideas.

  • I am kinda scaryJozua Sparks, Thu Feb 22 13:57
    “No kidding,” Jozua muttered when Georgia told him he was not reassuring her. At least she seemed to understand that he couldn’t do the lesson after that . . . whatever that was. “Thanks,” he added... more
    • That's not an excuse — Professor Skies, Fri Mar 2 23:27
      • I’ll take that zero and detention nowJozua, Tue Apr 10 14:55
        Jozua stiffened his back as Professor Skies not only refused to allow him to leave, but also suggested he try the third year assignment. Didn’t she understand that he was too dangerous to trust with... more
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